Top Ten Barbecue Grills Recommended Ranking 2021

Summer is here, and it's the season of burning (burning) and hot (roasting). No matter how hot the summer sun is, how can we stop our enthusiasm for barbecue! This time we will talk about barbecue grills-there are many types of grills, such as charcoal grills, infrared grills, electric stoves and so on. A variety of smokeless grills, foldable portable grills, electric charcoal dual-purpose stoves, etc. are too numerous to list. 

This time, I will bring a selection of barbecue grills and introduce several recommended grills.

How to choose a barbecue grill

First of all, let's first understand the precautions when buying a barbecue!

Choose the type of oven first! 

There is actually a large range of ovens to choose from. It is recommended that you first choose according to the type of oven.

Traditional grill : suitable for standing grilling

Speaking of barbecue grills, this is what people usually think of directly. Traditional barbecue grills generally use open flames, similar to the type of street lamb kebabs. Due to its large size and a stand, it is suitable for gathering together on the lawn and beach when many people gather together to barbecue and share food.

The common bracket grill is generally about 70cm in height. It is recommended to choose according to your height. If the body is relatively small, the 70cm height is almost just right. If the height is higher, the height is recommended to be around 80cm, so that you don't need to bend over when standing and grilling, and it is more comfortable to use.

Small grill: easy to store and does not take up space

The small grill can be used directly on the table without taking up much space. The storage does not occupy too much space, and it can be used at home or outdoors. If you go to the outdoor barbecue and choose to drive by yourself, this small barbecue grill can be easily put into the trunk, and it is also convenient to take and place.

Although the size of this grill is large and effective, it is generally suitable for a small number of people.

Barbecue grill with cover: a wide variety of dishes

Common grills in Europe and the United States with cover, so there are more cooking methods that can be used when grilling, which can be grilled, steamed or smoked. It is especially recommended for culinary experts to start with this, so they can try different ways to cook food!

After the cover is closed, the food is easier to taste and heats up faster. Especially thicker steaks, lamb chops with bones, etc., with a cover, the grill will heat up faster and more evenly. In terms of size, this barbecue grill can be large or small, and can be adjusted according to the number of people used.

Disposable grill: easy to use and clean up

Everyone will be very happy when grilling and sharing food, but not everyone is willing to prepare beforehand and clean up after the party. If it is a lazy party who is afraid of trouble, this one-time grill is most recommended. At present, the disposable barbecue grills on the market are basically aluminum foil trays + barbecue nets, and the prices are very beautiful.

After this type of grill is used up, it only needs to be folded up and discarded, without cleaning or storing it again. If you only have a barbecue once in a while, the price/performance ratio is worth looking forward to!

Oven size: choose according to the number of people

The size of the grill we discuss here refers to the grill area. The size of the grill to choose depends on the number of people participating in the barbecue. Generally speaking, for a small barbecue for 2~3 people, a barbecue grill of about 30cm×20cm is sufficient. If there are 4~5 people, the size is about 40cm×30cm. For a party of 6 to 8 people, at least 60cm×40cm is needed.

The Chinese tend to like "the bigger the better", but in fact, a large oven not only wastes fuel, but also more troublesome to clean and tidy up. So the size is enough, not too big.

For new begainer recommended stainless steel stove

The mesh material of the grill can generally be divided into two categories: steel and stainless steel. The biggest advantage of the steel grill is its high cost performance, but although the price is cheap, it is relatively heavy and there is a possibility of rust. Cheap steel grills can be purchased for less than 10USD. Although they are not very durable, they are relatively easy to accept if they are only used occasionally.

The price of stainless steel grill is much higher, and it has the advantages of no rust, light weight, and durability. If you like BBQ and use grill frequently, stainless steel grill is recommended.

Heat source: charcoal, liquefied gas, electric heating? Choose according to the use occasion and atmosphere

The heating methods of barbecue grills can be roughly divided into three categories: charcoal, gas and electric heating. Each has different characteristics, and cost is also different. Let's introduce them one by one below.

Charcoal barbecue: the most used and traditional

Charcoal grilling is the most traditional and authentic way of grilling. The food grilled on charcoal fire is the best, and the barbecue atmosphere is also great.

However, if you use charcoal grilling yourself, the difficulty of ignition is first (for novices), and it is more troublesome to add charcoal and adjust the firepower, and it is more difficult to clean up after the barbecue. If you just want to eat barbecue happily, but are too lazy to make a series of preparations, it is recommended to choose carefully and avoid idleness.

Gas grill: uniform vitality and easy storage

The biggest advantage of a gas grill is that it is easy to fire, and it will not stain your hands as easily as using charcoal. It is also very easy in terms of fuel preparation-most of the commercially available gas grills come with bottled liquefied petroleum gas, which is also very convenient to purchase separately. Compared with the charcoal grill, the gas stove heats more evenly, and it is easier to control the heat when cooking food.

There is no need to dispose of the charcoal after the barbecue, and the cleaning is relatively simple. Although it is a little weaker than the charcoal stove in terms of the barbecue atmosphere, the operation is simple, so there is no need to worry about the difficulty of making a fire.

Electric oven: less smoke and flame, suitable for home use

If you want to eat barbecue at home, an electric grill is your first choice. Compared with charcoal grilling and gas grilling, electric grills produce less smoke and dust, and there is no need to worry about the inconvenience caused by oil smoke to neighbors, so it is especially suitable for barbecues at home and on the roof. It can be used directly by plugging in, and it saves the trouble of preparing additional fuel.

The firepower adjustment of the electric oven is very simple, it can be done with a few buttons, and it is not easy to burn the food. If it is a family with a baby, this electric oven is also safer than charcoal ovens and gas ovens. However, the need to use electricity is also an inconvenient place for electric ovens, and the place used is more limited.

Can the consumables be purchased separately?

Barbecue iron plates, grilling nets, etc. are all consumables and need to be replaced regularly to maintain hygiene. That being the case, I suggest that you simply pay attention when placing an order for the grill to see if the supporting consumables can be purchased separately. 

Recommended list of top ten barbecue grills

The above has introduced so many key points for buying a grill, let's take a look at what is worth recommending!

10. Barbecue family charcoal portable small grill


Unlock more outdoor barbecue positions

The circular design is convenient for everyone to sit around and barbecue together. Since it comes with a lid, it is also OK to braise, especially suitable for thicker ribs and steaks. There is a thermometer on the oven, so you can see the temperature at a glance. In order to facilitate cooking, the applicable temperature ranges for different ingredients are also marked in different colors, and outdoor barbecues can also be refurbished!

It can be picked up with one hand after closing the cover, and it is very convenient to take it outdoors. The surface of the enamel is not afraid of greasy dirt nor easy to adhere to charcoal, and the cleaning will not be too hard. However, most of the replaceable grilling nets on the market are square. It is best to find out about the replacement grilling nets before placing an order.

Accessories: stand, cover

Size 37.5cm×45.5cm

Heat source: charcoal

Applicable number: 4~6 people

Material: Stainless steel

9. Stainless steel thickened barbecue grill


Good quality and cheap!

If you want to start the oven with a low budget, this one is worth paying attention to. The price is less than 10 USD which is especially suitable for people who are beginners to BBQ or those who do not often barbecue. Although the price is cheap, the quality of the oven is also good, the material is strong and thick stainless steel, weighing up to 150 kg. The grill comes with a stand, which is about half a meter high after installation, and is suitable for sitting on a chair with a barbecue.

The barbecue grill can be disassembled and will not occupy a lot of space. When you take it outdoors, you can put it in the trunk of the car, and the grill net is also easy to buy replacements.

Accessories: stand

Size: 48cm×33cm×54cm

Heat source: charcoal

Applicable number :4~6 people

Material: Stainless steel

8. Portable windproof barbecue meat gas stove


Windproof ignition, can be used indoors and outdoors

This barbecue grill is specially designed for outdoor use. It uses a built-in bakeware, so you won’t be afraid of being caught by the wind. The gas bottle can be replaced, and it doesn't take up much space to carry it when going out. It weighs only 1.4kg and can be put directly into a backpack. It is especially suitable for outdoor activities such as camping or hiking.

Due to its small size, it can also be used as an ordinary gas stove at home and will not be left unused. And with a transparent lid on the baking tray, you can simmer the food and observe the state of the food through the lid. However, the bakeware is small, only suitable for occasions with a small number of people, and the price is slightly higher.


Size: 37cm×30cm

Heat source :gas

Applicable number: of people 1~2

7. Outdoor one-time barbecue grill


Ready to bake, no need to clean up after use

If you don't grill frequently, this disposable grill is more convenient. There is no need for complicated installation, and it can be thrown away directly after use, without cleaning and cleaning. Fuel is also included in the full set of barbecue grills. The built-in environmentally friendly barbecue charcoal has less smoke and dust and is easy to ignite, so you don't need to spend too much time on ignition.

The entire charcoal bag can last for 2.5 hours, which is enough for a small family barbecue of 2 to 3 people. Single use is still very cost-effective.

Size :26cm×32cm

Heat source :charcoal

Applicable number of people: 2~4 people

Material :Aluminum foil paper

6. Household BBQ/KQB-315


Smoke-free design, suitable for indoor barbecue

If you like to grill at home, I recommend this smokeless grill. It uses infrared light wave heating, the heat is from top to bottom, it is not easy to produce oily smoke, and the food is cooked evenly, especially the meat can better lock the gravy, and will not splash the oil! During the roasting process, the roasting pan will automatically rotate so that people in different directions can easily pick up the food when sitting around.

It comes with 2 different baking trays, the flat bottom can be fried, and the sun pattern baking tray can be used for barbecue steaks. In terms of temperature control, this electric grill is also very good, with 11 levels of precise temperature adjustment, which can also meet the needs of culinary masters with higher cooking requirements. But the price is a bit expensive.

Size :31cm in diameter

Heat source:electric

Applicable number of people: 2~4 people

5. Charcoal grill


Comes with a workbench, it is more convenient to handle food

The grill area of this grill is 70cm×50cm, which is especially suitable for large gatherings with a large number of people. Equipped with frying pan, roasting rod, worktable and spice rack. Especially worth mentioning is the 70cm-long worktable, which can handle and place food on the side table during outdoor barbecues!

It is designed with a removable charcoal basin and can be rinsed out. The stand also supports disassembly, which can be used as a table-style barbecue table, or it can be dismantled and placed on the table for use. To talk about the flaws, the installation and disassembly of this barbecue grill is more complicated, and it is suitable for people who often barbecue.

Accessories: stand, workbench, etc.

Size: 155cm×50cm×85cm

Heat source: charcoal

Applicable number of people: 5~15 people

4. Outdoor dual purpose cassette grill


2 types of baking trays, all-purpose for frying and roasting

In addition to a barbecue net, there is also a non-stick grill pan, which can be cooked on the rack, and the barbecue method can be flexibly selected according to the ingredients. The high power of 2.2kw can cook food quickly, and the U-shaped fire system can also make the whole barbecue heat more evenly.

The small size gas stove is easy to carry, and the fuel is easy to buy. It can easily adjust the firepower. It is suitable for barbecues with two or three friends on the balcony of your home. However, it should be noted that you need to fill the water pan with water before use to avoid safety hazards caused by dry heating.

Accessories :cover

Size: Approximately 38cm×12cm

Heat source: gas

Applicable number of people: 2~4 people

Material: Stainless steel

3. Double electric oven


The triathlon of grilling, skewers and baking

It is divided into two layers. Half of the upper baking tray is flat bottom for frying, and the other half is texture baking tray suitable for roasting. There are two types of stainless steel grilled sausage sticks and grilled sticks on the lower level, which can automatically rotate, and the skewers will probably like it! The baking tray on the bottom can also be pulled out to bake oyster bread and so on.

It supports three-level temperature adjustment, the operation is foolish, and the barbecue fume is not too much, so it is suitable for use at home. The betel-colored shell is also a stylish small appliance at home♪

Size 45.5cm×25.5cm×14cm

Heat source:electric

Applicable number of people: 2~6

2. Electric charcoal grill


Electric and charcoal dual-purpose, convenient indoor and outdoor

How can there be too many monks and less meat in a party gathering without meat? This barbecue grill can meet a large gathering of about 10 people. It can be energized and smoke-free barbecue, and it can also be used for outdoor barbecue with charcoal without the electric heat source on the aluminum foil. In the electric heating mode, the power is up to 2000W, the heating speed is also worthy of this size, and it also supports the knob to adjust the temperature.

Regardless of its large size, in fact, the installation and storage are very simple-the stand can be folded, and after unfolding it can be opened by fixing the baking tray! The chassis is made of enamel, and it is easy to remove oil stains by washing with water.

Accessories: stand

Size :62cm×32cm×57cm

Heat source: electric heating, charcoal

Applicable number of people :6~10 people

  1. Folding outdoor grill


The most classic look of the oven, two-step folding is super convenient

As a classic charcoal grill, it not only guarantees the original flavor of the barbecue, but also uses a very convenient integrated folding design to overcome the inconvenience of the charcoal grill. The bracket can be folded directly under the oven without disassembly, and can be easily put into the trunk of the car after folding!

Other detailed design is also very practical, there is a hanging basket beside the oven, which is convenient for putting spices and clips. There are also anti-scalding handles on both sides of the oven, and even the grill net can be flipped open and closed, and it is convenient and safe to add charcoal. In addition to the grill net, it also comes with an automatic two-way rotating grill. The roast chicken and duck are all OK, and the service life is worth looking forward to♪

Accessories :stand

Size: Approximately 75cm×26cm×73cm

Heat source: charcoal

Applicable number of people: 5~15 people



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