Comparison of various Korean style round barbecue nets

Many owners of barbecue restaurants often have difficulties when choosing bbq grilling nets. Not only new shops, but many old shops also have this question.

Below we briefly analyze several common round barbecue nets on the market from the aspects of price, appearance, cleaning, and health.

1. Stainless steel braided barbecue net

Stainless steel grilling net is the first choice for many shops, the price is moderate, but there is also a common problem of braided grilling net-it is difficult to clean, the residue left after baking will get stuck in the gap, and the net surface will become black after long-term use Of course, the above problems will not cause any impact if you barbecue in the wild or at home.

bbq net.jpg

Price: ★★★★

Appearance: ★★★★

Cleaning: ★★

Health: ★★★★★

Overall score: 3.5 points

2. Disposable barbecue mesh net

Disposable round bbq grill mesh have gradually increased in domestic barbecue shops in recent years. This kind of grilling nets are consumed in South Korea and Japan. (Only we export to South Korea through various channels in the number of 1 million to 2 million each year. Around). The reason why disposable barbecue nets are popular is simple-you don't need to wash them, just throw them away when you use them up.

The price is also easy to be accepted by the merchants, but from the perspective of low carbon and environmental protection... it is really wasteful. The disadvantage is that this kind of net is relatively thin and easy to damage, and it is made of galvanized iron wire. Although the zinc skin will not fall off, there is still zinc after all.

bbq net 2.jpg

Price: ★★★★★

Appearance: ★★★

Cleaning: ★★★★★

Health: ★★★

Overall score: 4

3.Copper braided barbecue mesh mat

Almost all of the copper braided barbecue nets were exported before. Few people in China use them because they are expensive, even more expensive than ordinary grills. Many mid-to-high-end restaurants are gradually using this kind of nets. Why? Golden, really beautiful, hand-woven. Of course, there are other advantages: fast heat conduction, non-toxic. The shortcomings are also obvious, one word: expensive! There are also the shortcomings of all woven grilling nets: it is difficult to clean. Because it is twisted, it is even harder to clean than cross-woven. It is golden when it is new. After a period of time, copper is easy to oxidize and it is smoked. It will turn black, so many customers will send it back regularly for re-polishing and refurbishing.

bbq 3.jpg

Price: ★★

Appearance: ★★★★★

Cleaning: ★★

Health: ★★★★★

Overall score: 3.5

4. stainless steel punching barbecue net

Stainless steel perforated grilling mesh is a relatively new product. Small square holes can be punched out of stainless steel plates, and square grids can also be grilled. Due to process problems, the price is definitely more expensive than woven ones, but I personally think that this grilled mesh is removed from the price. Others are almost all advantages. Because the steel plate is used for punching, there is no weaving gap. The whole net is flat, which saves a lot of effort to clean. The main selling point of our company's definition of this grilled net is easy to clean.

bbq 4.jpg

Price: ★★★

Appearance: ★★★★

Cleaning: ★★★★

Health: ★★★★★

Overall score: 4 points

5. stainless steel spring grill

This product is really expensive! It is more expensive than copper. The outer ring is made of stainless steel square tube, and the inner net is made of very thin stainless steel wire to make a spring "string". It is very beautiful and easy to clean. You can directly change the "string" if it is worn out. However, the price is about twice that of the copper mesh, all of which are manually hooked up one by one, making it slower to make.

bbq 5.jpg

Price: ★

Appearance: ★★★★★

Cleaning: ★★★★

Health: ★★★★★

Overall score: 3.75

Concluding remarks

The above scores and introductions are written based on the characteristics of the products for your reference. For specific use, you must also consider your own situation. For example, if it is a high-end barbecue restaurant, I will definitely not recommend disposable barbecue net for you.



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