Orchard bird repellent method

Orchard bird repellent method Never fear that the fruit will be eaten


Summer is a good time for harvest in the orchard, and the variety of fruits makes the growers full of hope. However,the result is always fresh fruit a few bites eaten by unknown birds, and soon there is a state of rot and deterioration. Over time, many fruits are affected, and finally it directly affects the fruit farmers’income. Therefore, in order to ensure the final profit of the fruit grower, these birds need to be effectively repelled. The following methods are the best ways to repel the birds.


First of all, fruit growers can place scarecrows in the orchard. This is a more traditional method of repelling birds. The straw is used to make in the shape of a person. From a distance, it looks like someone is standing in the orchard. , Will not approach the orchard anymore. However, there are drawbacks to this method. Because the history of the scarecrow is too long, the birds have already become accustomed to it. They have formed antibodies and are no longer afraid. Even if they see a scarecrow that looks like a human, they will still rush to the orchard. Steal food. Therefore, if you want to really get rid of the birds, you have to make the Scarecrow a little more realistic, rather than perfunctory.


Secondly, fruit can be used for bagging. This is an economical and practical way to prevent birds from stealing food. Because this kind of fruit bag has relatively good airtightness, it can not only prevent birds from attacking, but also prevent pests and dust and pesticide pollution. However, this method also has certain drawbacks, because this kind of bagging can only be used for relatively large fruits, such as pears or apples, or bunches of grapes. These can be achieved after being bagged.. However, for some smaller fruits, the expected purpose cannot be achieved, and certain resources may be wasted. Therefore, it is necessary for fruit farmers to choose according to their actual conditions.


Then, fruit farmers can also use the method of anti-bird nets, directly laying anti-bird nets on large areas of fruit trees, and setting up a protective net for the fruit trees, so that birds cannot approach the fruit trees, not to worry about birds invading the fruit trees. Generally speaking, yellow anti-bird nets are generally used in mountain orchards, while red anti-bird nets are used in plain orchards. This differentiated setting can also improve the prevention of bird infestation. It needs to be put away after the fruit is picked every year, which is more laborious. Moreover, the anti-bird net is easier to age after long-term use.  so farmers need to make careful decisions when choosing this method.


Finally, fruit farmers can choose shock wave booster bird repellent, bird repellent uses multiple energy to stimulate the birds, so that the birds have no adaptability. It is a set of shock bubble technology, clustered strong sound technology, and rolling frequency ultrasonic technology. , And boosted bird repellent technology, mainly to solve the problem of large-scale bird repelling in orchards, which can effectively repel large birds such as pasqueflowers, egrets, magpies, crows, etc. in the orchard. The effect is very good. 

The Farmers can according to their our real condition to choose the way to replell bird 



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