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Material of custom window screen

At present, the mainstream window screen materials on the market are divided into three categories: nylon, metal and glass fiber.

Nylon window screen: It is soft and easy to clean. It is the most high-quality and cheap window screen material; it is also rich in colors, white, green, yellow, blue, whatever you want; but its shortcomings are also obvious: easy Aging and damage. After using it for a long time, a single stroke with your fingernail is a gap, which inadvertently opens a fast track for the mosquitoes.

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Metal window screen: It is divided into iron, stainless steel, and aluminum alloy. The texture is relatively hard and much stronger. Among them, stainless steel is the most common. A good stainless steel screen not only prevents mosquitoes, but also can withstand the bite of mice, and can even be used as The use of anti-theft windows; the disadvantage of metal window screens is that they are not soft enough. Once folded, they will leave marks and are difficult to restore.

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Glass fiber window screen: It is woven by adding a small amount of PVC to glass fiber, and is also called invisible window screen. Compared with nylon, it is fire-resistant, not easy to age, and has higher strength; it is softer than metal yarn. Therefore, glass fiber screens have become people's new favorites in recent years.

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Mesh Number of custom window screens

When we buy screens, we often see 18×18 mesh and 18×16 mesh. What does this mean?

The mesh number of the screen refers to the number of holes in 1 inch (about 2.54 cm). 18×16 mesh means that there are 18 holes in 2.54 cm in the warp direction and 16 in the weft direction. Holes

When the number of meshes in the warp and weft directions is the same, we often use only one number to indicate; common screens have 14 meshes, 16 meshes, 18 meshes, 20 meshes, 32 meshes, etc.;

The larger the number of meshes, the smaller the holes and the better blocking of small bugs; however, the larger the number of meshes, the air permeability and light transmittance will decrease; under normal circumstances, we choose 18-mesh window screens. ;

In addition, some businesses have also played the banner of anti-smog screens; this kind of screens have finer perforations, which can reach 100 meshes or even higher; the materials of anti-smog screens do not belong to the three categories above, but Polyester, also called polyester fiber; Polyester fabric should be the most familiar to us. The main component of many clothes is it; however, it is not as good as some merchants state, it is only to block dust; if want to blocks fog Haze, it is better to close the window; in addition, anti-smog screens are easier to accumulate dust than ordinary screens. If you really use it, remember to clean it up in time~

Security window screen installation method

There are five main ways to install screens: fixed, push-pull, folding, hidden and magnetic.

Fixed screens are rare now, but you may still remember; it is mainly used for inward opening windows, fixed on the outside of the window frame with metal four frames; fixed screens can also be removed for cleaning, but it will be a little troublesome; this The biggest advantage of screen windows is that you don’t have to worry about mosquitoes flying in at the moment you open and close the window; the biggest disadvantage is that it’s inconvenient to disassemble.

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Sliding screen window: Generally equipped with sliding window, it is installed on the inside of the window. It is more convenient to disassemble and assemble. However, sometimes it is not a good thing to disassemble and assemble too easily, because it may become loose. In addition, the sound insulation and dustproof performance of the sliding window Relatively weak.


Folding screens: I don’t know which designer’s brains, this thing is expensive, it is troublesome to install, the effect is not stronger than other screens, it is really not practical. Invisible screens are not as mysterious as everyone thinks. In fact, many people often see them. They are the kind of screens that can be rolled up or put down by pulling a rope. People are generally used to closing invisible screens all year round, but when they are not used, they are still It is better to roll it up, which can extend the life of the spring.

Invisible screen window: Its outer frame materials are mainly pure PVC, pure aluminum alloy and PVC+aluminum alloy; PVC is low in price, but its strength and service life are also low; aluminum alloy is relatively strong and durable, but the price is slightly higher. If the budget is limited, If you want to use the screen window for a few more years, you can use a combination of the two. The more easily damaged handle and bottom slot are made of aluminum alloy, and the durable screen box and slideway are made of PVC.

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Magnetic type: It is a new installation method imported from abroad and can be completed by yourself. Merchants who customize magnetic window screens will provide you with adhesive magnetic strips and adhesive-free magnetic strips; when installing, wipe the dust around the window frame first, and then tear the adhesive magnetic strips and stick them around the window frame. You also need to install the magnetic strips on the net. For products of some merchants, the magnetic strips are directly attached to the outside of the screen. This kind of screen is usually equipped with PVC strips as the frame of the screen window. sometime need you to cut off the excess screen,as shown in the figure below, this gauze has been made of PU or Oxford cloth edging according to the size of your window, as long as you measure it without error, it The size is just right.

window screen.jpg

Screen merchants usually send fixed corners and windproof clips, which are 4 and 5 in the figure below. As for 1, 2, and 3 in the figure below, they are gauze, adhesive magnetic strips and PVC decorative strips.

magnetic window screen.jpg

Regardless of the style, domestic or foreign, mosquito prevention is the key. Don't blindly pursue aesthetics and neglect practicality.



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