What is a dust proof net

Dust-proof net is also called "soil net" and "shading net", which is an environmental protection project for the management of dust pollution in open-air stockyards. There are two types of soil-covering nets, densely woven and sparsely woven. The soil-covering net is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) as raw material, and a certain proportion of color masterbatch and anti-aging agent are added. It has the effect of controlling dust, shading, cooling, moisturizing, anti-storm, wind resistance and reducing insect pests. Various functions such as dissemination.

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The characteristics of the cover soil net:

 1. High strength and anti-aging. The production material of the sunshade net is polyethylene, and it is also mixed with anti-aging agents and anti-corrosion additives, so the produced sunshade cover soil net is not only high in strength, but also has good aging resistance.

 2. Lightweight and convenient, can be cut and folded as needed, with strong practicability and adaptability, and high space utilization.

 3. It is made of metal raw materials by punching, pressing and spraying with a mechanical combination mold, so that it has high strength, good toughness, anti-bending, anti-aging, anti-flame retardant, high and low temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and ability to withstand bending deformation. Strong and other excellent performance; made by special formula and craftsmanship.

4. It can be made into various thicknesses and colors according to user needs, and has the characteristics of long service life, bright colors and not easy to fade; the comprehensive dust suppression effect is good, and it is better than similar products at home and abroad. Not only is the appearance beautiful, the maintenance cost is low, and it has the advantages of fire protection and anti-theft; it completely avoids the repeated investment of the previous surface coverage, spray technology, and fully enclosed measures, which is expensive, is restricted by site and operation requirements, and has poor dust suppression effects. problem. 

5. Low cost, flexible setting and simple installation. One time investment, long-term benefit. After installation, it not only improves the environment in severely polluted areas, but also plays a role in shading, dust-proof and cooling in summer, and has good thermal insulation effects in winter, and can effectively suppress dust and protect materials from being destroyed. In addition, coal yards that implement dust-proof nets save thousands of tons of coal every year.



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