Must-know knowledge of gabion nets!

Gabion mesh retaining wall is a construction method that has emerged in recent years. It belongs to a new protection engineering technology and has good construction effects.

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The role of gabion basket

1. Control and guide the river. The gabion wall can permanently protect the river bank, and effectively prevent water from scouring and destroying the river bank, avoiding soil erosion and human and property damage due to flooding.

2. It can be used in navigation channels, canals and riverbeds. gabion cages can rebuild natural channels and excavate artificial channels, control the flow of water to a certain extent, and have an excellent effect on water quality maintenance.

3. gabion fence have very successful cases in river bank protection and slope protection projects. It gives full play to the advantages of ecological grids and achieves the ideal effect that other protection structures cannot achieve.

The structural characteristics 

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1. The construction speed of the gabion panels is fast, there are few external interference factors, and there is no need to consider the strength of the filler when constructing the gabion net.

2. The gabion rock cage can be constructed continuously, and its construction is highly mechanized and the construction progress is fast. The construction method of the gabion net is simple, and the construction site of the gabion net can be assembled, installed, filled, bundled, and sealed according to the design requirements.

3. The construction technology of gabion wall baskets is not high, mainly using excavators, forklifts, road rollers, etc., and the tools used are relatively simple.

4. During the construction of the gabion net, the operator only needs to put the stones in the cage and seal it. The structure is simple and does not require special technology. The made gabion net products have strong pressure resistance and corrosion resistance, can resist natural damage and adverse weather effects, and will not deform or collapse even under great pressure.

5. The silt between the fillers of the gabion cage is conducive to plant growth, and can be integrated with the surrounding natural environment, has good permeability, and can prevent damage caused by river water pressure.

6. The rock cage wall can save transportation space and cost because it can be folded for transportation and assembled on the construction site.

In the design of civil engineering structure, the soil layer directly bears the load of the foundation, so the soil layer is called the load-bearing layer in the foundation design of civil engineering. In soil mechanics, the pressure of the bearing layer will gradually decrease with the increase of ground depth. After reaching a certain depth, the pressure can be ignored, so this part of the pressure bearing layer is also called the bearing layer. The reason why gabion nets are widely used is mainly because they have relatively low requirements for supporting layers. Except for soft soil layers (silt, silt, humus, untreated backfill, etc.), most of the ground can be used as As the supporting layer of the gabion net, this feature greatly reduces the construction difficulty and construction cost.

It is precisely because of these excellent characteristics that the application range of gabion wire mesh is becoming more and more extensive.

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What will happen after using gabion net?

In recent years, gabion stone wall have been widely used in landscape design, and gabion nets can often be seen in functional garden landscapes. , It is a strong hexagonal mesh body made of low-carbon steel wire. The gabion mesh structure has a long service life, strong corrosion resistance, high strength, good toughness, simple production and low cost.

The gabion baskets wickes has good drainage and air permeability, and the distribution of drainage holes in the gabion basket stone is reasonable. It can effectively reduce the problem of soil retention in riverside projects and increase the stability of the building.

In terms of price, the entire gabion net structure usually consumes a lot of stones, takes a long time to transport, and consumes manpower and material resources. If you want to use it, you need to customize and purchase it in advance. An independent stone cage net product is easy to transport and install. The staff only needs to transport the complete stone cage to the construction site and assemble it into a net cage structure according to the actual situation of the installation site. , Then fill it up with stone or wood. For other side slope protection structures, the construction cost of the gabion net structure is relatively low. Transportation in the form of folding can reduce the transportation cost, and the construction cost is also relatively low, because the installation of the gabion net does not require the purchase of a large amount of formwork and Machine configuration equipment.

What problems will occur when we use gabion nets? How to solve it?

1. After using the stone cage wall, there will be deformation, and there will be a large gap between the gabion nets.

Solution: At this time, we can put the gabion net in a suitable position. After installing the gabion net, regularly check the condition of the gabion net. Generally, the lower part of the gabion net is hand-woven with galvanized steel wire. The stability is better, so don't worry too much.

2. After the gabion rock wall is installed, the gabion net cover is not installed firmly.

Solution: After filling the material, you can use galvanized steel wire to tie, about every 10 to 20 cm as a tie point.

3. After the filling material in the gabion wall cages is filled, the surface is not flat enough.

Solution: Open the gabion net cover, then arrange the surface stones, check whether the stones are firm, and keep the stones on the retaining gabion wall as flat as possible.

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How to avoid the rust of gabion net in humid environment:

There are many raw materials for gabion rock baskets, but most of them are made of steel. If the storage location of the gabion net is not in the wind and sun, and the environment is relatively humid, we can put the gabion net material in the vent, and then apply a layer of oil on the surface of the gabion net.

The above is an introduction to the gabion net, which is used in many places in our lives. Gabion net has become the mainstream protection structure of river bank protection with its excellent performance. I hope that the above content will be helpful to everyone.

 What are the types of gabion nets?

It is made of galvanized steel wire or plastic coated steel wire woven into hexagonal diamond-shaped holes. These materials include zinc-aluminum alloy wire, hot-dip galvanized wire and cold-dip galvanized wire. Gabion nets are used to protect water conservancy slopes and reduce soil erosion. The diameter of the holes is 8 * 10 holes, 10 * 12 holes, 13 * 15 holes, etc. Special specifications can be processed according to customer requirements. The size is 1 * 1 * 2m. Gabion nets are divided into slope protection nets, reinforced gabions and plastic coated gabions, welded gabions and slope gabions. They can be made into coils with a width of 4 meters, 20-30 meters, and a wire diameter of 2.0-4.5mm. They are widely used in construction sites such as water conservancy projects, slope protection projects, river treatment, and dam protection.

 The gabion net is mechanically woven from low-carbon steel wire or PVC coated steel wire, which has the characteristics of high corrosion resistance, high strength and high elongation.

The tensile strength of the gabion steel wire is generally between 2.0~4.0mm, usually not less than 38 kg≤m~2, the weight of the metal coating is usually greater than 245 g/m~2, and the diameter of the edge wire of the gabion net is usually larger than that of the network cable The diameter of the twisted pair should not be less than 50 mm.

Gabion nets can be used for slope support, foundation pit support, sprayed concrete hanging nets on rock surfaces, slope vegetation (greening), railway and road isolation nets, cages and cushions for rivers, dams and ocean erosion, and seals What types of gabion nets are used to block reservoirs and rivers?

1. River gabion net

The river gabion net is mainly used to guide the river. When natural disasters such as floods and mudslides occur, the water volume of the river will increase sharply, which may have an impact on the embankment and surrounding ecology. The appearance of the gabion net can effectively avoid the occurrence of the above situation. Therefore, in recent years, gabion nets have gradually become the structure of protection engineering.

 twisted stone cage nets

The five-twisted gabion rock cages is woven from hexagonal nets. It has a strong structure and is widely used in construction to increase the strength of the ground and roof. The five-twisted gabion net is mechanically woven, which is simple and quick to assemble, which can save a lot of man-hours. It is suitable for flat river banks with large water flow, severe erosion and more water seepage on the bank slope. The gabion net has good flexibility and self-adjustment ability, and can face uneven settlement well. The porosity of the gabion and the gap between the stones are conducive to the habitat of animals and the growth of plants, and conforms to the requirements of the ecological environment.

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galvanized gabion cage

1. The gabion net is a one-time forming production, except for the cover plate, the side plate, the end plate and the bottom plate are inseparable. Length/width tolerance (±5%) and height tolerance (±5%). The interior is divided into independent units with partitions every 1 meter.

2. The gabion net adopts the assembly method, the cover plate, the side plate, the end plate, and the bottom plate are separately produced and assembled into a net box, and each part is wound and bound with spiral steel wire. All the side wires of the net box are made of thick wires to strengthen the strength of the gabion net.

 Aluminum-zinc alloy cages are also known as 5% aluminum-zinc alloy gabion nets, 10% aluminum-zinc alloy gabion nets, and Galfan gabion nets.

5%-10% aluminum-zinc alloy (also known as Galfan) is an emerging material in the world in recent years, which is used to replace the traditional pure zinc coating.

Experiments have shown that its corrosion resistance is more than 3 times that of traditional pure galvanized coatings, so it has received widespread attention. Now developed countries in Europe and the United States are replacing traditional pure plating with 5%-10% aluminum-zinc alloy cages (gabion nets). Zinc-layer gabion cage.

The mesh rectangular cage made of aluminum-zinc alloy steel wire has a service life of about 70-80 years, which is 3 times that of ordinary galvanized steel wire.

How to prevent the gabion net from corrosion and rust to extend the service life?

The gabion net is made of many low-carbon steel wires with good toughness. As long as it is soaked in water for a long time, it will rust. Slowly it will lose its effect. Below, I will introduce some methods to prevent rust. I hope to help you. Most of the gabion net is made of low-carbon steel wire. According to the needs of the project, we can choose the length of time for anti-corrosion performance:

Galvanized zinc (also called cold galvanized), its coating weight is about 10 grams, this coating has poor anti-corrosion performance. When the air is slightly humid, it will rust. Generally, I don't recommend you to use this.

Ordinary hot-dip galvanizing, its coating weight is generally between 30-55 grams, this material can make the product will not rust within 2 years, generally used in slope protection and bank protection engineering, a layer of soil on the gabion net, and then Give birth to some plants. Two years later, after rain and soil infiltration, the gabion net will be firmly fixed there, even if the gabion net is rusted, it will not affect the project.

High thermal plating, its coating weight is generally more than 200 grams, it can keep the product from rusting within 20 years. Even in water (when the pH is 7), there is no problem. This product is the most used one.

Galfan (also called zinc-aluminum alloy), its anti-corrosion performance is 3 times that of high-hot zinc. This is a kind of coating that requires very high product standards, but the price will be relatively higher.

Then, PVC or PE can be added on the basis of the front, which adds another layer to the anti-corrosion performance of the gabion net and makes the product more beautiful and durable.

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The characteristics of the retaining wall of the gabion cage

1 Good flexibility

Gabion cage retaining wall technology is mainly composed of anti-corrosion and wear-resistant low-carbon galvanized wire or galvanized aluminum alloy wire cage and net pad. It is a flexible structure that can adapt to and compare with various soil properties. Good combination, can well adapt to the deformation of the foundation, will not weaken the rest structure, and is not easy to fracture.

2 Good water permeability

3.Gabion cage retaining wall technology enables groundwater and surface seepage water to permeate out of the structural rockfill gaps in time, which can effectively solve the influence of pore water pressure, which is beneficial to the stability of the slope, and at the same time promotes the exchange capacity of water and soil, and enhances The self-purification ability of water. 2.3 Good rest

The retaining wall technology of the stone cage net cage is mechanically woven into a double-twisted, turtle-shaped hole grid. Even if one or two wires are broken, the cage and the net mat will not be loose, and there is ductility that other materials cannot replace. Large surface (rest) product assembly, no seams, strong structure integrity.

4 Good application of soft foundation

Using water permeability to change the soil density and evenly distribute the load can save the cost of anchoring and piling. Even if the foundation has an uneven settlement structure, it will reach a new balance with its coordinated deformation and will not be destroyed.

5 Strong anti-erosion ability

The retaining wall structure of the gabion cage can withstand a relatively large limit flow rate, which has been proved to be more than 10m/s in practice. The gap between the structures is beneficial to eliminate the damage of the vacuum suction to the slope protection. It has been applied to the Dadu River and the upper and middle reaches of the Yangtze River and has withstood the test of several floods.

6 Greening and good landscape effect

The gaps between the retaining walls of the gabion cages will eventually be filled with soil (artificial or natural), and plants will gradually grow out. The combination of stalk measures and plant measures is realized, and the landscape is also greened and beautified to form a flexible protective surface. Resume the natural cow state of Gongcuo.

7 High seismic resistance of the structure

The retaining wall structure of the gabion cage is a flexible structure. When the longitudinal and transverse waves of the earthquake produce cattle act on the structure, the structure will be coordinated and deformed to release energy. At the same time, due to the ductility of the alloy steel wire, the allowable deformation of the structure will be large without causing damage to the structure. At the same time, the stones in the cage will not loosen the structure due to the constraints of the cage. In some earthquake-prone areas, this flexible structure can continue to operate safely after several earthquakes.

8 Long service life

When the aluminum-zinc alloy green grid material is used in the active and passive protection system of the slope falling rock, in addition to meeting the requirements of strength and stability. Its superior corrosion resistance can greatly extend the service life of the structure. However, the materials of the general coated side slope rockfall protection system will rust in the air for three to five years under the action of rain and other factors, which will affect the safe operation of the structure. The 10% aluminum-zinc alloy plated material still maintains good performance after more than ten years of application abroad, and the service life of the structure can be more than 50 years according to the amount of residual coating.

Most of the retaining walls are used to restore the water ecology, improve the water environment, and promote the virtuous cycle of the water system. Ecological revetment (gebun ecological grid retaining wall) is used to replace the traditional styles of concrete, mortar and masonry. Why are most of them now used? The main reasons for the abandonment of the original stone masonry retaining wall are as follows.

The wider the retaining wall of the gabion cage, the better the stability

The characteristics of Galfan gabion basket

Galfan gabion net has high anti-corrosion performance, and its product's anti-corrosion performance is about 2~3 times that of ordinary pure galvanized steel wire. The anti-corrosion performance of alloy galvanized steel wire in harsh environments such as outdoor, humid environment, ocean climate, etc. Better than ordinary galvanized steel wire and electro-galvanized steel, alloy galvanized steel wire has stronger ductility and deformability, even exceeding the steel base it maintains, and can withstand the fracture and shedding of the zinc layer during the process of strong deformation.

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Galfan gabion net is a new type of anti-corrosion material, mainly used for thermal spraying of metal surface. Compared with pure zinc wire and pure aluminum wire, it has the characteristics of strong adhesion, good corrosion resistance, and good construction performance. Better welding than galvanized steel wire. Compared with other coatings, the zinc-aluminum structure of Galfan gabion mesh provides a good uniform surface. The alloy coating is essentially a good pretreatment substrate and coating binder, which can improve the cracking of the coating. , Corrosion and foaming.

Gabion nets will have more applications in the future!

Weld Gabion basket are usually installed outdoors. In order to maintain its good performance and effectively extend the use time, a large number of basic protective measures must be taken. What are these protective measures? How to use galvanized gabion net? Gabion nets are generally divided into three protective measures, mainly anti-rust, moisture-proof, and anti-corrosion. It can be said that this is a relatively basic protective measure.

 Simply put, as a steel wire product, gabion mesh is used for a long time, not only for the wear of steel, but also for regular cleaning and maintenance. This kind of gabion net is usually installed outdoors and has the advantage of air circulation, but it also needs to face harsh weather and natural conditions. At this time, anti-rust oil and other products can be applied to the ecological network to effectively achieve the purpose of moisture, corrosion and rust prevention.

In addition, the gabion net must be protected from damage. In the process of using this ecological network, everyone should avoid the impact of heavy objects. In the process of installing, moving or handling such products, we must be careful. Remember, there can be no tossing. Of course, when we install the gabion wall mesh, we must install it in accordance with the design requirements. The binding requirements of each part and the requirements of the filling stone must be met. If the gabion net is not installed according to the requirements, it is likely to cause the gabion net. Can not achieve the effect of protection. After installing the gabion nets, we can take advantage of the ecological advantages of the gabion nets, covering the surface with a layer of soil, allowing plants to grow in it, quickly restoring the surrounding environment where the gabion nets are installed, and promoting ecological development.

Actual data show that the application fields of gabion nets are also increasing, and the position occupied by them is becoming more and more important.

Of course, I believe that in the future development of gabion wire mesh, there will be more application fields, which will bring more protection to the project while bringing convenience to people. The penetration and use of gabion nets in various fields has made people more and more aware of the overall performance of gabion net products.

Different rivers have different geological environments and construction methods, so the choice of materials is also different.





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