The heavy-duty steel grating

 The heavy-duty steel grating is made of thicker (6mm, 8mm, 10mm) wider flat steel as the load-bearing flat steel. It is a steel grating product specially designed for occasions requiring heavy loads. Due to the special nature of the heavy-duty steel grating, we generally recommend that customers inform the load requirements and support conditions, and we will choose the most economical and reasonable specifications for customers. The flat steel spacing of the heavy-duty steel grating is generally 30mm, and the spacing of the cross bars can be selected from 50mm and 120mm. It can be made by pressure welding or pressure locking. It is suitable for airports, highways, industrial platforms, port terminals and other occasions with special requirements.

 The heavy-duty steel grating stands out for the word "heavy". It is a steel grating product with a strong load-carrying capacity for a large number of vehicles, which can provide better friction than the step plate or composite steel grating.


 The heavy-duty steel grating is made of permanent connection between the twisted square steel and the large-size load-bearing flat steel by pressure welding process through high temperature and high pressure. In order to form a better lateral (steel grating width direction) bearing capacity, it is generally recommended Both ends of the steel grating are edge-sealed with edge-wrapped panels. Since the heavy-duty press-locked steel grating can provide better lateral bearing capacity and can effectively prevent the tilting instability of the loaded flat steel, it has gained more application opportunities in recent years.

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