What is plant climbing nets

The main purpose of creeper climbing nets 

The plant support net is a kind of sturdy and versatile plastic net, which can provide vertical and horizontal support for climbing plants and vegetables, and can also provide a horizontal support for long-necked flowers and trees. When used vertically, the grid can be used as a support for beans and peas until the crop grows to a large weight and is ready for harvest. When laying in the horizontal direction, several layers of plant support nets are the guiding devices that keep the distance during planting. When the plants continue to grow, a layer-by-layer net can be added to the bracket. This method has been adopted by many flower farmers.


The main material of creeper plant net

The main materials are HDPE and nylon. Generally, HDPE is more extensive and waterproof than nylon ,Longer service life and more durable,

Choice of climber plant supporting nets

Generally speaking, you can choose according to the growth needs of different plants, including the choice of color and size.Some special needs can be customized. You can buy online or go to the store to buy. If you buy on the spot, you can feel the quality of the product yourself. If you buy online, pay attention to the manufacturers or suppliers with good reputation.

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 How to use plant creeper nets


     1. Take the planting net and remove the packing bag. God unfolds the net and uses steel wire to penetrate the two ends of the net (green wire. After the steel wire is introduced, open the rope of the trapped net).

     2. Tie the two ends of the steel wire to a stone and bury it in the soil. Use long wood or concrete pillars to prop up the steel wire. Fix one end of the net to the wood, and stretch the net by pulling the other end. You need to use bamboo poles or wood to support it in the middle.

     3. Use a rope to fix the bottom of the net, or fix it with a small wooden block.

     4. If you want to save the two ends of the cement column, you can also use a long wood at the same time for two nets.

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The demand for plant climbing nets in the market is also increasing.

, Climbing net is suitable for all kinds of climbing plants, labor time is greatly saved, plant climbing net features: strong tensile strength, can meet the production needs of large climbing plants, support net meshes are evenly distributed, allowing plants The branches and leaves are fully exposed to sunlight, thereby increasing the yield. It is quick and simple to use. Great cost savings.



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