What is pea and bean netting?

Pea and bean netting (sometimes known as trellis netting or support netting) is an intricate mesh material used to provide support to climbing plants like peas and beans, keeping their foliage upright without sagging or falling over, making harvesting simpler, as well as helping prevent overwatering of vines during growth.


Pea and bean netting usually takes the form of an interwoven grid made of durable materials like plastic or nylon, attached to an anchoring structure like stakes or poles to form an overhead framework for climbing plants to utilize. Mesh size should allow tendrils from these plants to easily pass through and grip onto for support.


Pea and bean netting requires setting up the supporting structure first by inserting stakes into the ground or erecting poles, before stretching or tying off netting at an appropriate height to accommodate how tall your plants become as they mature and seek support from it with their tendrils. As their plants begin to climb the stakes or poles they naturally use this as support while climbing themselves with tendrils reaching up towards it to climb and support themselves from underneath it all.


Advantages of Pea and Bean Netting for Growing Plants Include:


Vertical Growth Support: Netting provides the framework needed for plants to expand vertically, thus saving space and avoiding overcrowding.


Improved air circulation: Thanks to its open mesh design, netting helps provide better airflow around the plants for healthier development and reduced disease risks.


Easy Harvesting: Pea and bean netting makes harvesting simpler by keeping plants upright and organized; beans or peas become easier to spot among dense foliage, making harvesting simpler than ever.


Reusability: Pea and bean netting materials tend to be durable enough for multiple growing seasons, providing cost-efficient gardening options at reasonable costs.


When selecting pea and bean netting, keep both your plants' height and weight in mind when selecting material netting. Choose mesh size that allows the tendrils to pass through easily while providing enough support; additionally ensure the material can withstand their full weight without tearing or sagging under their strain.


Pea and bean netting provides an effective means of supporting climbing plants, encouraging healthy development, and expediting harvest time in any garden setting.



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