How to judge the quality of razor wire?

How to judge the quality of razor wire?

This article is about how to identify the quality of the razor wire. According to the well-known razor wire, the razor wire is also called razor wire fence and razor barbed wire, which is a new type of protective net. The razor wire has excellent features such as beautiful appearance, economy and practicality, good anti-blocking effect, and convenient construction. The razor wire is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, garden apartments, border posts, military fields, prisons, detention centers, government buildings and government buildings in many countries. Security facilities in other countries.

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The razor wire is one of our common protective facilities, so it is very important to choose a high-quality razor wire that can reduce the cost and extend the service life.

The quality of razor wire needs to pay attention to the following technical points.

First check the thickness of the plate of the razor wire, because its diameter affects the level of protection. Too thin, although sharper, makes the service life shorter.

Secondly, we need to measure the anti-corrosion ability. If it is a razor barbed wire painted after galvanizing, a thinner steel plate can be used, but if it is only galvanized, a thicker plate is recommended. There is also a huge difference in the amount of galvanizing from a dozen grams to a hundred grams.

Finally, there are some key things on the wire core, because the price of the same model and weight is relatively large at a point, usually the wire core material is electro-galvanized, hot-dip galvanized, and steel wire. The price of different materials is different.

The above is the introduction of the quality of the razor wire



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