Seven Ways to Repel Birds in the Orchard

In the summer and autumn, many fruits begin to mature. The harvest of fruits is hopeful for fruit growers, but these fruits also attract various birds such as magpies, crows, sparrows, and pasqueflowers, using sound, visual, physical, and chemical methods. Therefore, preventing or reducing the activities of birds in the orchard in advance is the most fundamental measure to prevent bird damage in the orchard.

 1. Setting up anti-bird nets 

this are not only suitable for large-area orchards, but also for small-area orchards. Because birds have poor ability to recognize light colors, it is best to use white and red materials so that the birds can see clearly that there is a net and automatically retreat. In areas with frequent hail, adjusting the size of the grid

2. Manual bird repellen

Birds pecking the fruit more severely in the early morning, noon, and dusk. Fruit growers can arrive at the orchard before this time and drive the birds out of the garden in time. However, the birds that have been driven out of the park may come back again. Therefore, check and drive one more time after 15 minutes, and drive 3 to 5 times in each period. This method is more labor-intensive and is suitable for orchards close to home and with small planting areas.

3. Acoustic bird repellent

 Record the sound of firecrackers, eagles, and percussions with a tape recorder, and play them at high volume from time to time. You can also buy a professional intelligent voice bird repeller. Sound facilities should be placed around the orchard and at the entrance of birds to use wind direction and echo to increase the effectiveness of sound control facilities.

4. Bird repellents to repel birds

 In the past two years, some areas have begun to use intelligent voice bird repellents. The intelligent voice bird repelling system can continuously and effectively achieve wide-area bird repelling in orchards, farmlands, and fish ponds. The maximum effective area can reach 3.3 hectares (50 acres). It has been successfully applied to cherries, medlars, grapes, pears, apples, etc. On bayberry, millet and other crops, the effect of repelling birds is better.

5. Reflective film to drive birds. 

Cover the orchard ground with reflective film or hang old discs on the trees. The reflected light can make the birds not dare to approach the fruit trees in a short time, and it is also conducive to the coloring of the fruit.

6. The main component of chemical bird repellent is natural fragrance. 

Hanging the bird repellent on the apple tree or spraying diluted with water can slowly and persistently release a kind of fragrance gas that affects the central nervous system of birds and make the birds produce Strong sense of discomfort and reluctance to approach the fruit tree or fly directly away from the orchard. The bird repellent can effectively drive away the birds, is green and environmentally friendly, and harmless to humans and animals. Remember to use the bird repellent produced by the regular manufacturer.

7. Mothballs to drive birds away 

mainly by means of the special smell of mothballs. Generally, the mothballs emit an odor for up to 15 days, which can prevent birds from approaching the fruit during this time. Choose high-quality mothballs with strong smell, and hang them in the higher places of the fruit trees. Choose high-quality mothballs. Determine the quantity according to the size of the orchard. Wrap the mothballs into small packets with gauze, and place 3 to 4 capsules in each packet. When fruits such as pears, pears, grapes and so on are about to mature, or after bagging the fruit to remove the fruit bag, hang it on the top of the tree. Generally, hang 1~2 packets per fruit tree to achieve the purpose of preventing bird damage.



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