Safety nets for building construction

What is Construction Safety Net

Used in various construction sites, especially high-rise buildings, and can be fully enclosed for construction. It can effectively prevent people and objects from falling damage, prevent fires caused by electric welding sparks, reduce noise and dust pollution, achieve the effect of civilized construction, protect the environment, and beautify the city

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. According to the use function, safety nets are divided into three categories

①Flat net: The installation plane is not perpendicular to the horizontal plane, and it is used to prevent people or things from falling down.

② Standing net: the installation plane is vertical to the horizontal plane, and is used to prevent people or things from falling down.

③Dense mesh safety net: The mesh density is not less than 800 mesh/100cm2, and it is installed perpendicular to the plane to prevent people from falling and falling objects. Generally, it is composed of a net body, an eye-opening loop buckle, a side rope and an additional tether.

Technical requirements 

1. The safety netting construction can be made of nylon, vinylon, tape or other materials with weather resistance not lower than the above varieties.

2. The height of the flat net shall not be less than 3m, the width of the vertical net shall not be less than 1.2m, and the width (height) of the dense mesh safety net shall not be less than 1.2m. Product specification deviation: allow less than ±2%. The weight of each safety net should generally not exceed 15kg.

3. A diamond-shaped or square-shaped safety net with a net mesh length of no more than 8cm.

4. The connection between the side rope and the net body must be firm, the breaking strength of the flat net side rope shall not be less than 7000N; the breaking tension of the vertical net side rope shall not be less than 3000N.

5. The tethers are evenly distributed along the edge of the net, and the distance between two adjacent tethers should meet the requirements of Table 1. The length is not less than 0.8m. When the ribs are strong and the tether is used together, the tether part must be lengthened and tied tightly to the side length, and then folded back to tie the side rope to at least double.

6. The distribution of the tendons should be reasonable, the distance between two adjacent tendons on the flat net is not less than 30cm, and the breaking strength of the tendons is not more than 3000N.

7. The breaking strength of the net body shall meet the corresponding product standards.

8. All nodes of the safety net must be fixed.

9. Carry out the test according to the safety net impact test method.

10. The barrier safety net must be flame-retardant, and the smoldering time shall not exceed 4s.

Features and uses

Features: high strength, light net body, heat insulation and ventilation, light transmission and fire prevention, dust and noise reduction.

Installation methods

1. When installing the construction safety net, each rope must be tied to the support. The edge of the safety net should be close to the support support. When knotting, try to ensure that the knot is as strong as possible. It will not be troublesome to untie it to ensure that the work is stressed. The principle of not falling apart, the safety net with ribs must be connected to the bracket when installing.

2. The vertical net surface should be perpendicular to the horizontal plane, and the maximum gap between the working edge and the working edge should not exceed 10cm.

3. The surface of the construction safety flat net should not be pulled too tightly. The distance between the two flat nets should not exceed 10m, and the minimum distance between the flat net and the surface of the object below should not be less than 3m.

4. After the installation of the construction safety net is completed, it can be used only after passing the inspection by the security inspector.

5. Usually, the safety net in use should be inspected from time to time, and the falling objects should be found in time

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Precautions for use (when using, avoid the following phenomena):

⑴ Dismantle the components of the safety net at will

⑵ People jump into or throw objects into the safety net

⑶ A large number of welding sparks or other sparks fall into the safety net

⑷ Accumulate items in or under the safety net

⑸ Severe corrosive smoke around the safety net

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green net for construction

How can we make the dense mesh safety net outside the scaffolding play a greater role, making high-rise buildings more concise and safer? We all know that this kind of safety net is now widely used in our high-rise building structures. Nowadays, it is often seen in various cities, because it plays a very important role in our high-rise buildings and plays a protective role. Work safety and prevent falling.

Then, for this kind of scaffold netting outside the building, it can make the construction process easier, safer and more convenient for workers, but we still need to pay attention to some points in the use process, when  the connecting parts are severely deformed or worn, they must be replaced or maintained in time to protect our construction personnel, including our building objects, and the personal safety. It can prevent people or objects from falling and landing and reduce construction risks. Therefore, for the connector, it plays an important role in connecting the scaffolding and the safety net. If this happens, we must repair it in time. In fact, the cost of the connector is relatively low, but if we save the cost of the connector, it will cause some serious structural instability problems, Then, when using the building safety nets, if you encounter bad weather, you must take some reinforcement measures.

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Our company has been committed to the production and sales of construction debris netting for many years, and has better technology and more experience in construction mesh netting. If necessary, you can contact us. If you have other questions, you can also ask us questions or contact customer service staff. the safety net for construction site, we are very optimistic about its future market, which is very broad. I also hope that when the scaffolding safety net is used in the future, every city can be better and safer to build and build a beautiful city together.



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