Introducation of the stadium fence

What kind of products does the stadium fence include?


The stadium fence is a fencing product used around various sports venues.  includes many specific product names and styles. The following introduces the product classification method of stadium fence:

1. According to the different application, it can be divided into: basketball court fence, tennis court fence, volleyball court fence, track and field fence, football field fence, badminton court fence, and golf course fence.

2. According to the structure and installation method , it can be divided into two categories: assembled stadium fence and integral stadium fence.

Features and functions of sports fence

The sports fence has the characteristics of bright colors and complete standards. Barbed wire fences can also be called: Dutch nets, bullpen nets, wire fence nets, fence wire nets, etc. It is drawn from a wire rod into a thinner wire (cold drawn wire), and then the wire is welded to form a large welding machine (that is, what we commonly call a wire mesh piece). It is connected with a variety of different uprights.

It constitutes a barbed wire fence with beautiful appearance and high protective performance. Due to its excellent characteristics, easy installation and application in the protection of highways, railways, airports, stadiums, prisons, breeding, orchard protection and other fields. The mesh surface is flat, strong tension, not easy to be impacted and deformed by external force. During the on-site construction equipment, the major feature of the product is flexibility, and the appearance and scale can be adjusted at any time according to the needs of the site.


Features and functions. The streamlined appearance of stadium fences and protective nets: transparent, beautiful, compact and fashionable European elegant personality; able to meet the needs of different categories, different environments, and different aesthetic people. Tomahawk-style connection: the hook connection method Tomahawk-style groove (yi: concave groove on the surface of the object) planning (designing major projects or planning).


enables the protective net to be connected with the arbitrary height embedded groove of the column without any accessories. It is solidified, has stronger tensile resistance and anti-collision ability, and also fully demonstrates its anti-theft function. Ten-year warranty: abundant pre-treatment and common high-temperature electrostatic PVC (polyvinyl chloride) spraying technology. The plastic layer is evenly distributed, and the surface feels more smooth; after 2000 hours of anti-salt spray test, we have strictly promised the product to resist corrosion for 10 years.


It has the ability of self-cleaning under normal environment, anti-ultraviolet, no cracking and aging, no rust and oxidation, no protection! Because the stadium fence can be combined in a variety of methods: and according to the different venue needs of customers, there are various arcs, different viewpoints and different levels of stepped devices, which provide ideal solutions.


A type of purse seine fishing net, a long belt-shaped or sac-shaped large-scale net made of netting and netting. Two boats are used to pull the two ends of the net to enclose the fish, gradually reduce the encircling circle, and then tighten it. The rope at the bottom of the net. Another type of seine: ten years maintenance-free tennis courts, basketball courts and other seines. It can be used in cooperation with trackless active sliding doors with beautiful appearance and common planning to form a harmonious whole.



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