Advantages of steel grates for trench drains

Advantages of steel grating as drain cover


steel grates for trench drains

 The steel grating adopts hot-dip galvanized anti-corrosion treatment, and a layer of silver-white zinc layer is attached to the surface, and the appearance is bright, smooth and delicate. It can effectively prevent corrosion and have a longer warranty period. Made of Q235 hot-rolled flat steel, it has strong tensile strength, yield strength, plasticity, toughness and strong bearing capacity. The flat steel is made into a grid mesh according to a certain interval, so the leakage rate is high and the drainage performance index is good. The height of the flat steel grating ranges from 20mm to 100mm. Different heights can be made according to the groove, and various sizes can be made according to the width and length of the gutter, and the customized size is more flexible. Nowadays, it is recommended to use steel grates for trench drains in terms of appearance conception, drainage design requirements in various industries and occasions.

 Steel grating trench cover GT type, the finished steel grating is directly laid in the reserved trench and fixed with concrete, and it is used in places with large flow of people and noisy places. Such as city squares, city squares, residential quarters, sewage treatment plants, chemical plant roads, etc.

 Steel grating trench cover GU type, made of welded angle steel at both ends or four ends of the steel grating, easy and convenient to install. Commonly used in intercepting ditches, rainwater wells, water collection wells, maintenance wells, etc.

Steel cover plate, composite steel grating, steel grating has high load capacity and high load capacity, and is made of welded pattern plate on steel grating. Good weather resistance and stability.




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