All the things you should know about shading net

The use of shading nets in lettuce cultivation

We all know that a large number of plants can be cultivated for the use of a greenhouse, and the sunshade net of a greenhouse can also be used to grow lettuce. How is it applied?

   First of all, after planting, after the temperature in the shed drops to 20 degrees Celsius every afternoon, the sunshade net must be opened to increase the light.

   Then, in the morning, when the temperature in the shed rises to about 25 degrees Celsius, the shading net should be opened to avoid high temperature hazards.

   Again, if it is cloudy, the screen on the shed should be opened to prevent shading.

   In addition, when there is rain, the shading net must be pulled in time to prevent the rainstorm.

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Summary of material characteristics of sunshade nets

It is finely woven by adding a certain proportion of color masterbatch, which has various functions such as shading, cooling, moisturizing, rainstorm prevention, wind resistance and pest transmission reduction. Uses: Widely used in the cultivation of vegetables, flowers, fruit tree seedlings, edible fungi, and the cooling and moisturizing of various farms. Packing: inner paper tube and outer PE film. The main function of the three-needle shade net is to cool down in summer and autumn. Vegetables cultivated in summer and autumn are covered with 12-mesh black or silver-gray mesh. The shading rate is 65% and 45%. The direct light intensity drops by about 50%. The temperature at 50 cm above the ground drops by 2.55.0℃. The use of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) As a raw material. The ground temperature of the 5 cm deep cultivated layer drops by 36°C, so it can avoid the damage of strong light and high temperature, which is beneficial to the normal growth of crops. Moisturizing and drought resistance. After covering the shade net in the dry season, it can reduce solar radiation heat, lower the temperature of the shed, and reduce the coverage area. The speed of communication between the air and the outside world can significantly increase the relative humidity of the air. The maximum increase in humidity is at noon, generally increasing by 13% to 17%, reducing the evaporation of water by more than 60%, which is beneficial to moisturizing and drought resistance, and saline-alkali land can also reduce the phenomenon of salt return. , Hail. After covering the shading net, the direct impulse of the rainstorm can be reduced by more than 90%. About 13% and 23% of the rainwater flows into the furrow from both sides of the shading net. Especially, it can reduce the mechanical damage of the rainstorm and hail to the vegetables and reduce the loss of soil and fertilizer. , Reduce root exposure, reduce fallen seedlings, dead seedlings. Insulation and anti-freezing. Agricultural mulch is used for late autumn, winter and early spring seedling cultivation. After covering with shading nets, it can increase the ground temperature by about 2 ℃ compared with open field cultivation. It can also prevent frost in severe cold season. Prevention of diseases and insects. After covering with black and silver-gray nets, aphids are significantly reduced, virus diseases are significantly reduced, and the disease prevention rate is about 90%. Increase production and income. After vegetable cultivation is covered with shading nets, it is generally earlier than open-air cultivation 10 shading nets 20 It will be on the market today, increase production by 20%-80%, and use sunshade nets can save labor investment by 25%-50%. Features of three-needle sunshade nets: 1 Beautiful appearance, suitable for rural landscape shading systems. For example, it can be used for sunshading in flower markets and leisure greenhouses. 2 Compared The choice of black net is more conducive to the growth of flowers; 3 does not generate heat; 4 is stable in size and resistant to weathering; 5, the shadow is small when closed.

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Use sunshade nets to avoid summer heat

The use of shade net garden has brought great convenience to people, so how can the sunshade nets be used to avoid the heat?

  In rural areas, for farmers who plant greenhouses, in winter, they will choose grass firs to isolate the cold air outside the vegetable door and provide them with a comfortable growing environment. But in summer, many farmers will give up growing vegetables in summer, because the hot temperature is not suitable for the growth of vegetables.

   But with shading nets, farmers can still plant them in summer. Because the net has a good moisturizing effect, the moisture in the vegetables and the soil in the ground will not be easily absorbed by the sun, and the vegetables will not experience the feeling of thirst. It can also help the vegetables resist the strong sunlight,

Requirements for the use of plastic shade net

  Inspect, measure and control the various processes of the production and formation of the sunshade net to ensure that the product quality of the sunshade net meets the required process and technical requirements.

  The sunshade net is a mesh, which can be arranged in a dense area or evenly arranged. The warp and weft of the net surface should be arranged neatly, and there is no broken warp and weft phenomenon. The sunshade net products are mainly black or green. Other colors such as yellow, white, red, and blue should be uniform. Special colors with a color difference of less than 90% should be determined by both the supplier and the buyer. Also, for every 100 meters of mesh, no more than 3 meters of weft is allowed, but the length of each lack of weft cannot exceed 1/2 of the width of the mesh.

   When using the sunshade net, no matter what kind of covering form, the covering net must be straightened, otherwise the water in the concave area of heavy rain will cause the water to rot under the net. Growing vegetables with shading nets in the south in summer has become a major technical measure for disaster prevention and protection. In summer and autumn, vegetable seedlings or slow seedlings are covered for a short time. The shading nets should avoid mud pollution. If they are polluted, they can be cleaned with a sprayer. It must be ventilated and placed on a shelf. Different colors of shading nets have different shading rates and cooling effects. Different types of vegetables have different requirements for light intensity. It should be based on the types of vegetables and the light intensity during the covering period.

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How to use the sunshade net in a greenhouse correctly

        1. Covering time of the farm shade net In the absence of strong light and low temperature, the uncovered sunshade net should be flexibly controlled according to the weather conditions, vegetable types and different growth periods of the vegetables on the light intensity and temperature requirements. Cover on sunny days and uncover on cloudy days; cover at noon and uncover sooner or later; cover at the early stage and uncover at the later stage of growth. In case of rainy weather, it can be covered all day long.

     2, the sunshade net and the shed film should be separated. The sunshade net is close to the shed film. First, the heat absorbed by it can easily be transferred to the shed film and then to the shed, which cannot give full play to the effect of the sunshade net in reducing the temperature of the shed. The second is that the heat cannot be dissipated, which increases the temperature of the sunshade net itself and accelerates the aging of the sunshade net.

   3. The width of the shade netting for plants can be cut and spliced arbitrarily. The cutting method is to cut with an electric heating wire, because the shade net agriculture can be fused into a channel after the high heat is cut without loosening. The splicing method is to use nylon thread on the sewing machine or to sew by hand. Never use iron wire or aluminum wire to bind and tie, so as to avoid mechanical breakage.

  4. Greenhouse Coverage Greenhouse coverage is divided into single-net coverage, omentum combined coverage, all-around coverage outside the shed, and coverage inside the shed. When single net and omentum are combined to cover, the two sides of the greenhouse are generally suspended about 1 meter above the ground without covering. Cover around the outside of the shed, mostly used for heat preservation at night in early spring. Cover in the greenhouse, generally 1 to 1.5 meters above the ground without covering.

  5. Covering at each growth stage 1. The main purpose of covering after sowing is to maintain soil moisture and prevent soil compaction after heavy rains. Prevent pests and birds from damage. The method is generally to cover directly on the ground, but the net should be removed in time after emergence, so as not to hinder the growth of seedlings. 2. Short-term coverage after planting, one is to cover the Chinese cabbage, lettuce, etc. after planting in summer and autumn, and cover it until it is alive, and cover it day and night, which can be directly covered on the crop; the other is to cover the early spring at night The planted solanaceous fruits, melons and beans are covered to prevent frost.

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Shading nets are widely used in many fields and industry development

  Now sunshade nets are widely used in many fields such as vegetables, flowers, edible fungi, fruits, medicinal materials, etc. They have been quickly promoted and achieved obvious economic benefits, and they are now very promising economic projects. The production technology of sunshade nets is also constantly improving, and is gradually developing towards intelligence and precision.

In recent years, due to differences in climate conditions in various regions, different shading rates have been selected for specific use to prevent negative effects caused by strong sunlight, so that the surface temperature in the covered shed can drop by 8-15 degrees, and to prevent and reduce frost, storms, Hail and other hazards, reduce water evaporation, increase land temperature by 13-17 degrees, increase the survival rate of seedlings, and have the effects of preventing pests and diseases. The sunshade net is beneficial to the growth of plants without phytotoxicity.

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Five ways to use sunshade nets!

The sunshade net is mainly used for sun protection, of course, it can also be used for heat preservation. Compared with our common summer planting and filming, as well as winter greenhouse aquaculture and vegetable farming, it will be used. Of course, for some newcomers who are unfamiliar, the method used is very I don't even know that there are basically five ways to use sunshade nets, each of which is suitable for use in different situations.

  1. Ground cover: Mainly used for vegetable seeding to emergence stage, directly covering the ground.

   2. The roof of the greenhouse: 4 sunshade nets with a width of 1.6 meters or 1.8 meters can be used to cover the roof. The two sides are about 1 meter above the ground without covering to facilitate ventilation and light transmission.

  3. Flat shed coverage: fixed flat sheds or temporary wooden piles can be used to flatten and cover the four corners of the field.

  4. Floating surface coverage: that is, the shading net is directly covered on the vegetables. For example, it can be covered late in early spring and late autumn, and exposed in the morning to prevent frost; in summer, cover on the day and at night to prevent high temperatures.

   5. Multi-layer coverage: the large and middle sheds adopt the outer mesh and inner membrane type, which can cool down and prevent rain in summer, and increase the temperature of the shed in winter.

Because of the different uses, the methods used are also different, and the types are also different at the time of purchase. This is also the main reason that affects the price of the sunshade net, but in general, its price is still relatively cheap, and it will not be very expensive. expensive.

Application advantages of black shade net

   As people use different shade nets nowadays, shade net manufacturers also produce various colors of shade nets. What are the advantages of using black shade netting?

Because black is weaker than any color in reflecting the sun's light, that is, the ability to absorb sunlight is the strongest, so black is used for the sunshade net. When the sun shines through the sunshade net, it has already consumed the most sunlight energy. (Heat energy), it is naturally cool below!

The covering and lifting of the shading nets should be operated according to weather conditions, vegetable types, vegetable characteristics, etc. Most of the shading nets are covered in sunny days and uncovered in cloudy days; covered at noon and uncovered in the morning and evening; covered in the early stage and uncovered in the late growth period. In special circumstances, such as when it is overcast and rainy, it is recommended not to expose it, but it should be noted that the shading net covers too long, which will affect the photosynthesis of vegetables and is not conducive to growth and fruit.

The main function of covering the shading net is to prevent the scorching sun, the impact of heavy rain, the hazard of high temperature, the spread of pests and diseases, especially to prevent the migration of pests.

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What are the advantages and characteristics of the use of sunshade nets in agriculture? 

Vegetable farmers set up their sunshade nets outside the shed, and the heat formed by blocking the light is consumed outside the shed and will not enter the shed room, which "seems" is helpful to lower the temperature inside the shed. However, the actual situation is not exactly the case. The sunshade net is set outside the shed, which can reduce the heat in the shed, but it is not helpful for cooling the inside of the shed. Because of the sunshade nets installed in the shed, the hot air after blocking the light becomes lighter and goes upward, and will soon be introduced into the outer space through the vents, and will not increase the temperature of the lower layer of the shed.

The shading net is installed in the shed, which instead promotes the ventilation in the shed. Ventilation is the main measure to reduce the temperature in the shed, and the enhancement of ventilation is more conducive to the reduction of the temperature in the shed. Therefore, installing a sunshade net in the shed will not only not increase the temperature in the shed, but in most cases it will help reduce the temperature in the shed.

From the above, we can see that when we use sun net for plants, we must cover them according to requirements, instead of relying on our own subjective judgments. Only when we believe in science can we achieve the effect of high yield and high income.

The protection of sunshade nets to plants under high temperature

The high temperature weather has a great impact on the planting of plants. How does the sunshade net protect it?

Although the growth of plants is inseparable from sunlight, the resistance of plants is also limited due to the increase in temperature in recent years. For plants to grow well in hot and hot weather, certain protection measures are needed. Many people are using shading nets to protect them. plant.

Generally speaking, the stronger the light, the higher the temperature. In order to allow plants to spend the summer safely, they can only make trade-offs between temperature and light intensity. Usually choose to increase the shade, and reduce the temperature by increasing the shade or the number of layers of the shading net. For example, the production of Impatiens in New Guinea generally does not require shade or only a layer of 50% silver shade net, but in the hot summer season, it is necessary to add a layer or even two layers of shade net to reduce the temperature. At the same time, it is better to adopt a combination of fixed and openable shade nets.

For general flowers, silver shade nets are better than black ones. It is recommended to increase the number of layers of the shading net instead of directly replacing the shading net with a high shading rate.

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Some reasons why shading nets can’t provide shade

No matter what product you buy, if you don’t understand it, it will cause some unnecessary troubles, such as sunshade nets for greenhouse planting. Many users find that they can't complete the sunshade operation when they buy sunshade nets for shading. Let Xutai shade net manufacturer introduce it below!!

In fact, we cannot directly judge whether the sunshade net is not a quality problem. With the continuous improvement of sunshade nets, its types have also increased, one of which is made of high-density polyethylene, a chemical product produced by petroleum, and the other One is to recycle and regenerate the sunshade net. This kind of recycled sunshade net is thick, hard, rough, dense, and heavy, so the corresponding sunshade operation cannot be completed.

Tips for repairing sunshade nets

The use of plant sun shade cloth has a great effect on the production of crops, but as the shading nets are used, damage will occur. What is the specific repair?

  shade net has the characteristics of strong tensile strength, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, light weight, etc. It can reduce the temperature in summer, and it can prevent wind, insects, and increase temperature in winter, thereby improving crop growth.

The sunshade net is made of polyethylene, high-density polyethylene, PE, PB, PVC, steel wire, metal alloy, and the metal has undergone anti-corrosion treatment, such as galvanizing and other anti-corrosion treatments, recycled materials, new materials, polyethylene propylene, etc. as raw materials, after shading Net production equipment, produces various specifications of shading nets, can produce specific shading nets according to the shading rate of the shading nets, or according to the number of needles, produce shading nets such as two needles, four needles, six needles, and eight needles.

First of all, we need to understand the degree of damage to the sunshade net, and repair the outside of the net bottom according to the bottom-up repair method. When selecting the broken fabric, we must ensure that it is more wear-resistant, and apply glue when subsidies are needed, especially The circle around the edge should be painted, then pasted and pressed firmly. We all know that the glue dries faster, so the action should be quicker.

   After repairing the bottom of the net, we can repair it upwards, so that we can ensure that the shading net is repaired quickly. After the repair is completed, we must carefully check it. Of course, if you are not sure about the repair, you can also find the shade net manufacturer to help you complete the repair operation.

   So we can't say that the shading net can not shading is a problem caused by its own quality. In order to avoid these problems, I suggest you go to the Linyi shading net market to buy, because at least there will be no such phenomenon.

  The sunshade nets produced by sunshade net manufacturers play a very important role in the planting of flowers. Different flowers have different requirements for shading rate. Let me share with you how to choose the correct sunshade net for flowers.

Flowers can basically be divided into positive flowers, feminine flowers and neutral flowers. Each type of flower has requirements for light. For example, positive flowers do not require sunshade nets, and only need to ensure sufficient light intensity. It is best to grow in a full-day environment, and the female flower, as the name suggests, is for those who do not like the light. When the sun is too strong, the chlorophyll will be destroyed, and the plant will grow poorly, so that the leaf color will turn yellow. You must choose a shade. It can grow and develop normally under the conditions, but can not adapt to the environment with strong light, you can choose high shading rate to shade.

   Neutral flowers have a wide range of adaptation to light intensity. Generally, they need to grow and grow vigorously in an environment with sufficient light. At the same time, they also have a certain degree of shade tolerance, and require relatively high shade

Sunshade nets prevent the destruction of vegetation by inclement weather

First, covering the sun screen netting can prevent thunderstorms and hail. About 13% to 23% of the rainwater flows into the furrow from both sides of the sunshade net. After covering the sunshade net, soil and fertilizer loss is reduced, and the direct impulse of rainstorm can be reduced by more than 90%, especially It can reduce the mechanical damage to vegetables caused by heavy rain and hail, reduce root exposure, and reduce fallen seedlings and dead seedlings.

   shade nets can also keep warm and prevent frost, and are used for seedling cultivation in late autumn, winter and early spring. After covering the shade nets, it can increase the ground temperature by about 2°C compared to open field cultivation, and it can also prevent frost in severe cold seasons.

In other words, when cultivated crops are covered with shading nets, they are generally put on the market 10-20 days earlier than open-air cultivation, increasing the yield by 20%-80%. In addition, using shading nets can save labor input by 25%-50% and increase income.

Introduction to the general classification of sunshade nets

The sunshade net is cross-woven by warp and weft, so if the warp and weft are both woven by round wire and mainly woven by warp knitting machine, it is a round wire sunshade net.

   1. Choose suitable shade nets according to different crops and seasons.

   2, choose the appropriate coverage method according to different reproductive processes.

   3. According to the light intensity and temperature, select the appropriate coverage time, and carry out the uncovering net management in time.

  4. According to the principle that the larger the area, the better the effect, try to focus on contiguous coverage as much as possible to give play to the group effect.

   5. According to the difference in light transmittance of different colors of sunshade nets, rational use of the cross effect of mixed coverage.

  6. According to the changes in the growth environment, the management measures such as water and fertilizer shall be adjusted accordingly.

   Flat wire shading net: A shading net made of flat wires woven by both warp and weft is a flat wire shading net. This kind of net is generally low in weight and high in shading rate. It is mainly used for agriculture and garden shading and sun protection. This type of application is the most widely used. Our factory produces flat wire sunshade nets in large quantities all the year round.

When the warp thread is flat wire, the weft thread is round wire, or the warp thread is round wire and the weft thread is flat wire, the shading woven net is a round flat wire shading net. This type of shading net is generally used for the cultivation of Panax notoginseng, and various specifications can be customized according to the contract.

Different shade nets have different effects

   greenhouse sunscreen is a new type of covering product, can old shading net also be used? It is not only suitable for agriculture, but also often used in fishery and animal husbandry and other fields. Use it in summer to shading and cool down, but use it in winter to achieve a moisturizing effect. Most of the sunshade nets on the market are made of polyethylene and old sunshade nets. You may have such a question.

Products made from old plastic products and sunshade nets cannot be compared with polyethylene sunshade nets, because sunshade nets made from old materials not only feel hard, but also have a pungent odor, and its finish is also very low. At the same time, its service life is very short, and its longest service life is one year. The high-density polyethylene sun-shading net produced by our factory not only does not have the phenomenon of hard hand feeling and pungent smell, but also has the characteristics of anti-aging and long use time.

   shade net is a kind of covering material needed when crops are planted in off-season. It is mainly used in summer and can be widely promoted in the south. In addition, our factory also pays attention to product performance development, such as high strength, aging resistance, and sun resistance. In addition to wind and sand fixation, rain protection, moisture retention, and temperature reduction, it can also adjust and control the green environment, optimize the climate, and provide more for crops. Comfortable growth environment, even in the north can be promoted on a large scale.

  Different shading nets have different effects. So what are the differences in shading and cooling effects of shading nets?

  The main function of mulching the crops is to prevent the scorching sun from the impact of heavy rain and the impact of temperature and the spread of pests and diseases. Covering in high temperature period should effectively increase the ground temperature, promote crop growth, reduce ground water evaporation and irrigation frequency, and achieve the purpose of heat preservation and dehumidification.

  The non-drip film covering the cover of the shading net is adopted by using local materials to adapt to local conditions, and the non-drip film is used to cover the vegetables that require high light intensity in seasons. The shading and cooling effects of different specifications of sunshade nets are also different. It plays a very good role in preventing the migration of pests.

After covering in summer, it plays a role of blocking light, rain, moisture, and cooling; after covering in winter and spring, it also has the function of heat preservation and humidification. The shading and cooling effect of the shade net covered by the specifications is also different. Shading nets are only limited to summer vegetables, and shading nets with shading rates are used for seedlings.

How to maximize the benefits of sunshade nets

   With the development of science and technology, the sunshade net has the characteristics of not overwhelming, bending, and reducing the commodity. New technologies, new products, and new materials are constantly appearing. It also has certain air permeability and light permeability, which can be used in winter and summer, and can increase the temperature in winter and lower the temperature in summer to improve the growth of crops. The same is true for sunshade nets, with continuous improvement in quality and development towards intelligence, convenience and precision.

   The climate is changeable in early spring, the temperature at night is low, and the cold is sometimes invaded by late spring. The use of sunshade nets for night insulation and cover can effectively reduce the occurrence of early spring cold damage. Covering with sunshade nets at night can increase the temperature and ground temperature in the small shed. It is beneficial to slow down the seedlings and promote growth.

   From the end of March to the beginning of April, the mulch film and the sunshade net can also be used to promote growth and reduce frost damage. The high temperature in summer and frequent strong winds and heavy rains are extremely unfavorable for the cultivation of vegetable seedlings.

In the hot summer, use shading nets to shade and cool fast-growing leafy vegetables. The shading nets can be covered with shading nets on the original greenhouses, small and medium-sized arch sheds or other protection facilities or constructed simple scaffolds, which can normally grow radishes, coriander, and celery that are difficult to grow in the open field in summer. , Spinach, lettuce, chrysanthemum, etc.

What is the moisturizing principle of the sunshade net

  The sunshade net manufacturer tells us that the sunshade net is made of polyethylene, high-density polyethylene and other raw materials. After UV stabilizer and anti-oxidation treatment, it has the characteristics of strong tensile strength, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, and lightness. So do you know its moisturizing principle? Do you want to know it?

After concealing the sunshade net, because the sunshade net has the effect of cooling and windproofing, reducing the circulation speed of the air in the covered area and the outside world, it will obviously improve the relative humidity of the air. At noon, the humidity increase value is the largest, generally increasing by 13-17%, and the humidity is high. The amount of soil evaporation decreases, thereby increasing soil moisture. This is how the sunshade net plays a very good moisturizing effect. Do you understand?

The above is the moisturizing principle of the sunshade net. Our sunshade net manufacturer is based on the purpose of serving the market and provides high-quality services to the majority of users. Welcome new and old customers to come and buy our products.

Characteristics and effects of sunshade nets in vegetable planting

   When planting vegetables, people also need to think of various methods to ensure the growth of the plants. What are the specific effects and characteristics of the shading net?

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The characteristics of shading net:

The sunshade net is made of polyolefin as the main raw material and is woven by wire drawing. Different dyes can be added to make the sunshade net in black, silver gray, white, green, yellow and other colors by changing the weft density to produce different shading rates. Shading net. The shading rate is up to 90%, and different colors of shading nets are selective to the transmitted light. For example, silver-gray nets reflect strong blue-violet light and have the effect of avoiding aphids. You can choose suitable shading nets according to different requirements in production.

Cooling effect:

Be cautious when buying "shading nets" to prevent "shading nets" from not "shading"

Quality problems of sunshade nets often affect the harvest of growers in one season or even a year. At present, the country does not have compulsory quality standards for sunshade net products.

   Be cautious when buying "shading nets"

   The majority of growers should pay attention to the following points when purchasing high-quality shade nets:

   One is to first clarify how high shading rate is required for your greenhouse. This is the most important. At the same time, you should also know how much area your greenhouse needs, not how many kilograms of nets. With the same weight, the high-quality net has a much larger area than the recycled material net. At present, there are two main ways to sell sunshade nets on the market, one is high-density polyethylene (commonly referred to as "new material net"), which is a chemical product produced by petroleum, and the other is to recycle old sunshade nets or plastic products ( Commonly referred to as "recycled material network"). The "new material net" produced by high-density polyethylene is generally sold by area; the old sunshade net or the "recycled material net" made from plastic products are generally sold by weight. A recycled material net sold by weight is a low-quality net and has a short service life. This net is characterized by thick wire, hard, rough, dense mesh, and heavy weight. The growers who have complained about buying it are at the price. Lower shade net sold by weight.

   The second is to see. Good quality sunshade nets look flat and smooth. The flat wire is parallel to the gap, neat and uniform. The warp and weft are clear and bright, the finish is good, the texture is bright, and the dark black is deep. There are many colors of shade nets, the common ones are black, silver gray, dark green and brown. Do not judge the quality of the sunshade net by color, the shade of the color can only indicate the level of shading rate. "

   Three is to touch. Good-quality hand molds are moderately flexible, flexible, non-rigid, not rough, and have a flat and thick texture.

  Four is the quantity. The shading nets produced by regular manufacturers of good quality shall be packaged in specifications, and the shading rate, specifications and dimensions shall be clearly marked.

  Five is the smell. Good quality sunshade nets have no peculiar smell or odor, but a faint burnt smell of plastic.

Sixth is to ask. The most important parameter of the sunshade net is the "shading rate", which is also a parameter purchased by the buyer. When purchasing, you must carefully understand the texture, shading rate, service life, application scope and other relevant conditions of the sunshade net. "Recycled material net" is sold by weight, and it does not divide the shading rate. Naturally, it cannot provide users with an accurate reference for shading rate. Please be careful when buying. Choosing a good shade net is very.



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