The type of razor wire and its scope of application

Razor wire generally has two forms of linear installation and spiral cross installation in construction. According to the installation form, its products can be divided into flat razor wire, linear razor wire, spiral razor wire, and razor wire welded mesh. The scope of application is of course different depending on the category. Below, we will introduce the scope of use of various types of barbed cords one by one.

1. Spiral barbed wire

Spiral razor barbed wire is the most widely used razor barbed wire. It is easy to install and has a good anti-theft effect. More than 80% of the barbed wire on the market are of this type. The diameter is selected according to customer needs. Generally, the conventional one is 50 Centimeters.

2. Straight barbed wire

Straight razor barbed wire is an ordinary spiral barbed wire without the last process, that is to say, there is no buckle, and the outer packaging is the same as the general barbed wire. After opening, it can be drawn into a straight line, and it is also widely used in tourist attractions. Surrounding areas, park fences, isolation fences, etc. The main forms of anti-corrosion are electroplating and hot plating. It is mostly used for the protection of communities, parks and farms.

3. flat razor wire

There is a big difference between the production process of the flat razor barbed wire and the spiral razor barbed wire in the buckle process. The original razor barbed wire is laid on the road surface, and the loop shape and spacing are arranged for the buckle processing. It adopts the technique of connecting a barbed wire with one barbed wire apart and then snapping. The whole razor barbed wire has a flat structure, and the finished shape is a superimposed shape with circles, which is more beautiful.

4. diamond-shaped hole razor barbed wire

The diamond-shaped hole razor wire gives people a unique feeling. The holes are large or small, and the outer frame is added for fixing. The net-shaped razor wire blade is sharp and sharp to prevent personnel from climbing. The welded razor barbed wire and the snake-belly razor barbed wire net can be combined with each other, and play a great role in the protection of borders and prisons.

Razor mesh fence are now widely used in places with high levels of protection, such as prisons and military powerhouses. It can be seen that their protection capabilities have been affirmed by the country, and the protection capabilities can make everyone feel at ease.



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