Pressure welded steel grating

The pressure-welded steel grating uses a high-voltage resistance welding machine. The manipulator automatically places the crossbars horizontally on the evenly arranged flat steel, and press-welds the crossbars into the flat steel through strong electric welding power and hydraulic pressure, so that welding can be obtained. High-quality steel grating with high stability and strength.


The distance between the loaded flat bars of the pressure-welded steel grating is usually: the center distance between two adjacent loaded flat bars, usually 30mm, 40mm, 20mm.

The distance between the crossbars is usually: the distance between the centers of two adjacent crossbars is usually 50mm, 100mm, two types, which can be produced according to customer requirements.


Features of pressure-welded steel grating: ventilation, heat dissipation, lighting, strong pressure resistance, less cleaning, less material, no water, ice, snow, dust, easy installation. The surface has strong anti-corrosion ability after hot-dip galvanizing treatment.

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