what is razor wire

The razor mesh fence is a new type of protective net. has excellent characteristics such as beautiful appearance, economy and practicality, good anti-blocking effect, and convenient construction. At present, the razor barbed wire fencing has been widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, garden apartments, border posts, military fields, prisons, detention centers, and governments in many countries. Buildings and other national security facilities.

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Basic introduction

The powder coatings razor wire is made of a sheet-shaped knife-shaped barbed wire and formed by rust protection processing.have a good anti-rust effect, and the outer processing should look good and perform well. Its practical value, more convenient installation, higher cost performance and other advantages.

powder coatings is a commonly seen method of electrostatic painting. It can be fixed on the periphery of wire mesh or wire plate. After that, it needs to be heat treated by two hundred degrees to make plastic paint or powder coating adhere to the surface of the wire plate. These are coated with plastic. Lacquered razor wire mesh is generally used on indoor boxes. The surface of plastic paint looks good overall, has strong adhesion, and is more durable. The coating does not take too long to process, mainly for rust prevention. The anti-corrosion effect is quite good, much better than ordinary materials. 

The advantage of the razor blade wire is its high strength, rust resistance and corrosion resistance. This will greatly increase the protection time of the wire mesh, and it can use different colors. , To match the surrounding colors. There are many colors of plastic paint, which can be matched reasonably according to the environment of the site. The plastic-painted razor security barbed wire is a steel plate pressed into the shape of a blade, or a core made of iron wire. Because the wire rope has a special shape and cannot be touched easily, it can play a very good role in protection and separation.

powder coatings  barbed wire fence top used on the edge of the site, the protection and separation of various traffic facilities and roads, forest protection areas, government departments, sentry posts, and other sites that require security.

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The razor security wire is a barrier device made of hot-dip galvanized steel or stainless steel sheet punched out of sharp blade shape. Because of the unique shape of the gillnet and it is not easy to touch, it can achieve an excellent protective isolation effect. The main materials of the products are galvanized sheet and stainless steel sheet.

According to different installation methods, can be divided into: (snake belly type) spiral razor wire, linear razor wire, flat razor wire, , etc.

Specifications: BTO-10, BTO-15, BTO-18, BTO-22, BTO-28, BTO-30, CBT-60, CBT-65 

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Razor wire installation

The angle iron is generally used to fix the knife barbed wire. The height of the angle iron is determined according to the diameter of the knife barbed wire fence. Generally, a supporting angle iron is inserted every 3 meters directly into the wall, and then fixed, and then the knife Install the gillnet, pull 3-4 iron wires in the middle, and fix the clip.

You can also design the Y-shaped bracket according to the height of the fence. Generally, the spacing of 5-10cm is better. The Y-shaped bracket is fixed on the wall. The Y-shaped bracket can be punched according to your actual situation to install the knife. The gillnet plays a fixed role. Then pull a steel wire on each side of the Y-shaped bracket of the knife barbed wire to fix the knife barbed wire to prevent it from shaking from side to side.

The characteristics of flat razor wire and double spiral razor wire

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Security razor wire generally has two forms of linear installation and spiral cross installation during construction.

The characteristics of the flat razor wire: it is a new application method of the razor wire. It is to flatten a single-turn razor wire into a plate shape, or to flatten two single-turn razor wires to cross each other and stagger each other. After use. It can be used with the linear razor wire to form a protective wall with a straight line and a flat plate, or only a flat barbed wire can be used to form a protective wall. The flat razor barbed wire has beautiful and practical characteristics, and is mainly suitable for the protection and isolation of residential areas, warehouses, livestock factories, farms, mines, prisons, and defense centers.

Spiral barbed wire fence, also known as "snake belly net", can be divided into two types, namely single-turn razor wire and spiral cross razor wire.

The characteristic of the single-loop razor wire: no need to use a clip, it is installed according to its unfolded natural shape.

The characteristics of the double spiral cross barbed wire: the spiral cross razor barbed wire is strongly clamped between two razor bars with stainless steel and galvanized steel sheets. After unfolding, it becomes a cross shape, also called double spiral razor barbed wire. Rope, also known as snake belly net or accordion gill net. Each roll of spiral cross barbed wire (galvanized) is composed of a single strand of rigid spiral steel wire and blades, and the blades are evenly distributed on it. The inner circumferences of the intersecting circles are evenly fixed by clips, and when stretched, they form a rhombus network. When fully stretched, each cross roll can easily unfold to form a cylindrical fence. The barbed wire can be easily and quickly installed on the top of existing fences and strong high walls, and can also be installed in a trench on the roof or placed on the ground by itself.

The specifications of razor wire and its scope of application

 Below we will introduce the scope of use of various types of barbed wire one by one.

1. Spiral razor barbed wire

The spiral razor barbed wire is the most widely used razor barbed wire. It is easy to install and has a good anti-theft effect. More than 80% of the barbed wire on the market are of this type. The diameter is selected according to customer needs. Generally, the conventional one is 50 Centimeters.

2. Straight razor barbed wire

Straight razor barbed wire is an ordinary spiral barbed wire without the last process, that is to say, there is no buckle, and the outer packaging is the same as the general barbed wire. After opening, it can be drawn into a straight line, and it is also widely used in tourist attractions. Surrounding areas, park fences, isolation fences, etc. The main forms of anti-corrosion are electroplating and hot plating. It is mostly used for the protection of communities, parks and farms.

3.Flat wrap razor wire

There is a big difference between the production process of the flat razor wire and the spiral razor wire in the buckle process. The original razor wire is laid flat on the road, and the loop shape and spacing are arranged for buckle processing. It uses the process of connecting a barbed wire with one barbed wire apart and then snapping. The whole razor barbed wire is a flat structure, and the finished shape is a superimposed shape with circles, which is more beautiful.



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