FRP tree grating

FRP grating, also known as polyester grating, has excellent characteristics such as light weight, high strength, toughness, stability, non-slip, corrosion resistance, flame retardant, insulation, low thermal conductivity, no electric spark, etc.

FRP tree grating

It is widely applicable to work platforms, stair steps, gutter covers, bridge walkways, filter plates, filler brackets, etc. in petrochemical, electric power, marine engineering, electroplating, shipbuilding, water and wastewater treatment, papermaking, wine making, pharmaceuticals and other industries. Ideal for load-bearing components in corrosive environments.

Advantages of FRP grating:

Light weight and high strength: Its specific gravity is about 1.8, and its weight is only 1/4 of steel and 2/3 of aluminum.

Corrosion resistance: Polyester type is a non-metallic material, it is not rusty, mildew-free, non-corrosive, does not need paint, can withstand the corrosion of many gas and liquid media, and is maintenance-free.

Fatigue prevention: FRP grille has slight elasticity, which makes people who work on it for a long time feel relaxed. As a working platform, it reduces the fatigue of the staff’s legs and back, increases work relaxation, and improves work efficiency.

Convenient installation: The polyester grid plate greatly reduces the weight of the components, thus reducing the weight of the supporting structure. No lifting equipment is required during installation, which is economical and convenient.

Non-hazardous: It has flame-retardant and insulating properties. It will not generate sparks due to collisions during the installation and use of polyester grid panels. It is suitable for use in flammable and explosive environments. In addition, it has a non-slip surface layer. The grille prevents slipping and reduces accidents.

Good economic benefits: Compared with ordinary carbon steel, the comprehensive finished product of polyester grating is lower. Although its one-time investment is higher than ordinary carbon steel, because of its long service life, it can generally be used for 20 years without maintenance. Therefore, its comprehensive economic benefits are much better than the use of carbon steel.

Brightly colored polyester grid panels can improve your living environment,

Generally: green, gray, red, blue, black, natural color.


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