Galvanised wire mesh panel

Galvanised wire mesh panel

Wire diameter: 2-10mm

Panel size: 1*2m

Mesh size:15-20mm

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Galvanized wire mesh panels are fencing or building materials made from wire mesh that has been galvanized, or coated with an oxide-zinc layer through galvanization, in order to ward off corrosion and rust, thus making these galvanized materials suitable for various outdoor and industrial uses.


Galvanized wire mesh panels come in various sizes, styles and configurations to meet various purposes. 

Common applications of these panels include:


Fencing: Galvanized coating provides protection for any fence made out of galvanized metal that's used on residential, commercial and agricultural properties from outdoor elements and will withstand its lifespan over many years. This galvanization also means galvanized steel fences can withstand outside noise as they pass over them safely without corrosion damage from other properties nearby.


Gardens and Agriculture: Garden panels can be utilized to build enclosures around gardens, orchards, and livestock for additional protection against pests while still allowing airflow and light into their enclosures. They serve both purposes simultaneously!


Construction: Galvanized wire mesh panels can be utilized in construction projects for applications including concrete reinforcement, creating slabs from which concrete will be cast, forming temporary safety barriers and temporary protection barriers.


Security: Security films can be utilized in a range of security applications such as window and door screens, partitions and enclosures to increase protection while maintaining visibility.


Landscaping: These panels can be utilized in landscaping to construct trellises, plant support structures and decorative pieces in gardens and outdoor spaces.


Industrial: These can be utilized in industrial settings for machine guards, storage enclosures and safety barriers.


Galvanizing wire mesh not only protects it against corrosion but also gives it a beautiful silver-gray hue. Galvanization is achieved via hot-dip galvanization; in which wire mesh is immersed into a bath of molten zinc which adheres to its surface to form an effective protective layer against rusting and environmental hazards.


Galvanized wire mesh panels combine strength, durability, and cost-efficiency into an appealing material choice for applications requiring strong yet corrosion-resistant solutions. Galvanised mesh is often an economical alternative that meets these criteria - an attractive feature when choosing any application where corrosion resistance is key.