Barbecue grill mesh mat net

Barbecue grill mesh mat net

Barbecue net can be divided into: round barbecue net, round flat barbecue net, round concave barbecue net, square flat,Barbecue nets, square concave barbecue nets, barbecue nets with handles (also known as barbecue racks), barbecue nets without handles, perforated barbecue nets, European and American barbecue nets, Korean barbecue nets, Taiwan barbecue nets, stainless steel barbecue nets.

Barbecue mesh material: electro-galvanized modified wire, stainless steel wire, or copper mesh.

Barbecue net production and characteristics: It is woven with stainless steel wire or welded, and the surface treatment is optional, such as chrome plating, nickel plating, zinc plating, copper plating, etc. Cut the net and wrap the edges (punched edges and welded edges), with round, square and rectangular shapes. The product has the advantages of low cost, high temperature resistance, no deformation, non-toxic and tasteless, and convenient to use. 

The diameter of the circular grilling net: 230mm, 240mm, 260mm, 270mm, 280mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 500mm.

Barbecue net product structure: the middle is stainless steel wire drawing crimped net, wire diameter: 1.0-2.8mm, mesh: 8-15mm, the finished mesh weighs about 500 grams.

Barbecue net use: Barbecue shops in the city are all over the street and can be seen everywhere. Barbecue is characterized by many varieties, such as meat can include grilled lamb, grilled beef, grilled chicken, fish skewers, meatballs, animal offal, etc. For chicken alone, there are chicken skewers, grilled chicken wings, grilled chicken legs, grilled chicken hearts, etc., and even Chicken skins and corns can be roasted. In addition, vegetables such as peppers, eggplants and even fruits such as bananas can also be roasted, which is loved by consumers.