Galvanized 2.5lb diamond metal mesh lath

Diamond Metal Lath is manufactured by slitting and stretching galvanized steel to form small opening to allow the keying of plaster so it will bond to the lath. Each sheet has square ends and smooth parallel edges for fast,
easy handling and installation. Dia- mond Mesh Lath can be bent easily to

create curved sur- faces.

Galvanized 2.5lb diamond metal mesh lath


  • There is a reinforced mesh (a type of free template network).

  • It is made of steel strips cut and stretched by professional machines.

  • Is a completely jointless expanded steel mesh,

  • Made of pre-galvanized strip or 304 stainless steel,

  • expanded metal lath


  • 1.75 lbs. /2.5 lbs /3.4 lbs per sheet

  • Interior and exterior applications

  • Used as a reinforcement for a base coat

  • Easily cut and formed for curved surfaces Resists mold, fire and insect damage

Usage: Diamond mesh lath is multi purpose plaster base and reforcement for all types of construction.

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