Stainless steel driveway drainage grates

Steel grating is an open rigid structure that is orthogonally combined with load-bearing flat steel and crossbars at a certain interval, and is fixed by welding or press-lock; crossbars generally use twisted square steel or round steel Or flat steel, made of steel and stainless steel

Stainless steel driveway drainage grates

Size: various specifaction welcome inquiry or customized

The stainless steel drainage ditch cover is welded by stainless steel grid plate, which makes the cover plate has the characteristics of convenient installation, good load-bearing, fast drainage, strong impact resistance, corrosion resistance and rust resistance, and has beautiful effects.


  •  The appearance is beautiful and generous: the texture and lines are concise, and the silver-white appearance is modern and fashionable.

  •  Very good drainage performance: The water leakage range is 83.5%

  •  Anti-corrosion and no rust: no material modification, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, easy to clean and maintain.

  •  High wear resistance: strong compressive strength and ductility, far superior to other materials, and can be used as a large-scale load environment such as port and airport.

  •  Multiple models and specifications: it can meet the requirements of various environments, loads, and different specifications and styles.

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