Galvanised iron wire mesh

Galvanised iron wire mesh

Wire diameter: 2.0mm/1.8mm

Mesh size: 2.5*10cm

Net width: 30cm/40cm/50cm/60cm/80cm/100cm/120cm/150cm

Net length: 2m/20m/25m/30m or customized


1. It is welded with high-quality low-carbon steel wire, and then electroplated, the mesh surface is flat and uniform, the welding point is firm, the processing performance is good, stable, and corrosion resistance is good.

2. Partial cutting or under pressure will not loosen, and it is one of the most widely used nets. High-quality anti-corrosion properties are widely favored in the breeding industry. The smooth and tidy net surface increases the appearance and can play a certain decorative role.

3. Good flexibility, strong plasticity, can be used for deep processing and manufacturing of hardware technology

4. Widely used in agriculture, livestock and poultry breeding, balcony guardrail etc