Galvanized hexagonal wire mesh

Galvanized hexagonal wire mesh .It is welded with high-quality low-carbon steel wire, and then electroplated, the mesh surface is flat and uniform, the welding point is firm, the processing performance is good, stable, and corrosion resistance is good.

Galvanized hexagonal wire mesh 

1. Product name: galvanized hexagonal mesh, galvanised mesh rolls, chain link fencing galvanised, garden wire

2. The amount of zinc applied: 8-200g/m2

3. Wire diameter: 0.4-2.77mm PVC wire diameter: 0.8-2.6mm

4. Opening: 1/2" , 1" , 1 1/2" , 2"

5. Length: 10m 15m 25m 30m 50m

6. Features: film, durable, UV resistant, tough, flexible

8. Color: black, green, blue, silver, etc., can be customized.

9.Hexagonal net applications: fencing, fishing, poultry cages, gardens, flood barriers. Soil and water protection to prevent rock breaking