Geocell ground base retaining grid

The geocell is a three-dimensional mesh cell structure formed by welding reinforced HDPE materials. It is generally formed by ultrasonic needle welding. Due to engineering needs, some of the diaphragms are perforated.

Geocell ground base retaining grid

Color:black or green

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The material has a concave-convex pattern. , Can provide high friction and bite force, the grid sheet and the filler are tightly occluded together, which can effectively solve the local settlement of the project.

It is suitable for subgrade reinforcement of various highways, railways and airports. Suitable for large-scale parking lots and wharf freight yards and other foundations enhanced. It is suitable for slope protection of railways and highways. Applicable culvert reinforcement, suitable for soil reinforced by unidirectional stretching geogrid


  • Flexible in expansion and contraction, and can be folded for transportation.

  • Small in size. opened into a net during construction and filled with loose materials such as soil, crushed stone and coagulation to form a structure with lateral restrictions and large rigidity. It is convenient to connect and fast construction speed.

  • Suitable for different soils and deserts and other soil conditions; changing geocell height, welding distance and other geometric dimensions can meet different engineering needs.

  • Higher lateral restrictions and anti-slip and anti-deformation capabilities, enhance the bearing capacity and dispersion of the roadbed Load effect

  • Wide applicable temperature range, high tensile strength, good toughness, strong impact force, convenient transportation


  • Road, railway roadbed enhancement

  • Slope protection

  • River governance

  • Reclamation environmental protection project

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