Concrete Formwork Galvanized Metal High Rib Lath

High Rib lath is manufactured from hot-dipped galvanized steel sheets. Because its meshes and U patterns, it has better anti-stress capability and forming flexibility than normal metal lath. This product has excellent engineering quality, construction security and widely used in building construction to form retaining walls, columns, stop ends, construction joints and used to support slab flooring.

Concrete Formwork Galvanized Metal High Rib Lath


  • There is a reinforced mesh (a type of free template network).

  • It is made of steel strips cut and stretched by professional machines.

  • Is a completely jointless expanded steel mesh,

  • Made of pre-galvanized strip or 304 stainless steel,

  • expanded metal lath


  • can be installed quicker than plywood or steel formwork.

  • can be placed before rod reinforcement which is then installed by piercing through the mesh area.

  • eliminates preparation of the joint surface

  • allows a high rate of rise of concrete

  • enables the pour to be visually monitored

  • reduces the risk of voids and honeycombing

  • can save time - it is left in place so formwork stripping is eliminated - only the supports are removed.

  • often, High-Rib can be supported by existing or extra reinforcement. The whole structure can be left in the concrete

  • eliminates the placing and removal of temporary supports.

  • no need to clean, reface and oil formwork


  • High and low-rise residential light compartments, firewalls;

  • Construct a partition, a compartment;

  •  the floor of the building, the partition wall;

  • Permanent interior and exterior walls and walls of permanent buildings;

  • the basement moisture-proof duplex wall.

  • Work seams with structural combination;

  • Tunnels, sewers, and wall works;

  • cutting foundation, dock, retaining wall;

  • flat and arched floor;

  • Nuclear power plant, storage tank and other arc-shaped structures;

  • Special projects such as landscaping sculptures;

  • Slope protection, earth embankment and other projects.

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