Expanded metal lath for stucco

Rib Lath is expanded metal lath fabricated with evenly spaced strips of solid metal that stiffen the sheet. Ribs have a depth of not more than 1/8". Flat Rib Lath is self-furring and its rigidity permits wider spacing of supports. The smaller mesh also provides greater plaster economy.

Expanded metal lath for stucco


  • There is a reinforced mesh (a type of free template network).

  • It is made of steel strips cut and stretched by professional machines.

  • Is a completely jointless expanded steel mesh,

  • Made of pre-galvanized strip or 304 stainless steel,

  • expanded metal lath


  • Easy to cut ,easy to make steel throughout ,easy to tie nail

  • Filling self-compacting, vibration-free

  • No roughened surface to provide an effective

  • Labor,material saving high efficiency

  • Save template support meterial

  • To prevent the concreate surface cracks


  • High and low-rise residential light compartments, firewalls;

  • Construct a partition, a compartment;

  •  the floor of the building, the partition wall;

  • Permanent interior and exterior walls and walls of permanent buildings;

  • the basement moisture-proof duplex wall.

  • Work seams with structural combination;

  • Tunnels, sewers, and wall works;

  • cutting foundation, dock, retaining wall;

  • flat and arched floor;

  • Nuclear power plant, storage tank and other arc-shaped structures;

  • Special projects such as landscaping sculptures;

  • Slope protection, earth embankment and other projects.

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