Stucco Paper Backed Metal Lath

paper back metal lath is diamond mesh lath, regular or self-furred, to which offset asphalt saturated kraft building paper has been applied. The grade D paper typically used is water resistant, yet highly vapor permeable.

Stucco Paper Backed Metal Lath


  • There is a reinforced mesh (a type of free template network).

  • It is made of steel strips cut and stretched by professional machines.

  • Is a completely jointless expanded steel mesh,

  • Made of pre-galvanized strip or 304 stainless steel,

  • expanded metal lath

Mesh Lath is used as a plaster base and reinforcement on almost all types of walls and ceilings, over wood or steel framing, flat or curved surfaces. The large number of openings provide for better stucco bonding in both pumped and troweled applications. 


This product is widely used as a reinforcement for base coat in ceramic tile work

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