Pvc coated chain link fence

The mesh fence is a new type of protective product specially designed for the sport court. It is mainly used for, basketball court fences, volleyball courts and sports training venues etc

Pvc coated chain link fence


Surface treatment:Dipping


Wire diameter:3-6mm

Mesh size:50*50mm


Lenght: 2-3m or customized

This fence has a high net body and strong anti-climbing ability. It can be installed on-site construction. The biggest feature of the product is strong flexibility. The structure, shape and size of the mesh can be adjusted at any time according to requirements. The fence is especially suitable for  basketball & volleyball courts and sports training venues within 4 meters in height.


  • anti-corrosion, anti-rust.

  • acid and alkali resistance, moisture resistance, insulation, aging resistance.

  • good hand feeling, environmental protection, long life, etc.

Application of pvc coated chain link fence

  • Tennis court

  • basketball court

  • volleyball courts

  • Sport training Venues

outdoor basketball net.jpg