Self furring diamond metal lath for stucco

Expanded metal lath for construction is made from coils of sheet steel , slit and expanded into a herring bone pattern with metal ribs running about every 3 inches on the long direction of the sheet . This product is typically stapled ,nailed or screw applied to the substrate. It can also be tie wire attached to cold rolled grillage .

Self furring diamond metal lath for stucco


  • There is a reinforced mesh (a type of free template network).

  • It is made of steel strips cut and stretched by professional machines.

  • Is a completely jointless expanded steel mesh,

  • Made of pre-galvanized strip or 304 stainless steel,

  • expanded metal lath


  • acid resistance 

  • alkali resistance

  • strong welding

  • beautiful appearance

  • wide use


This kind of expanded metal is widely used in plaster porject ,it provides an excellent plaster base ,the permanent pleat holds the plate approximately 1/4"' away from solid surfaces to aid the stucco to be pleat ,so the plastering is very solid and flat and can also keep away from cracking

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