Shade cloth screening netting

Shading nets, are often used as protective covering materials for agriculture, fishery, wood industry, wind and soil, etc. They can block sunlight, rain, moisturize, and cool down in summer. They are widely used on roofs, balconies, and windows. , Carports and other shade cooling, greenhouse vegetables, flowers, fruit seedlings

The sunshade net has multiple functions of shading, cooling, rainstorm, wind and reducing the spread of pests. It has a certain function of heat preservation and humidification after covering in winter and summer.

Shade cloth screening netting

Material:HDPE( High density polyethylene)


Lenght: customized

Shade Rate:45%-95%

Color:Green,Blue,Black,White or custsomized


  • Light weight, high-strenght ,anti-aging,can used for a long time 

  • Add antioxidant,durable and not fade ,resistance to weathering condition

  • Professional edge processing ,freely cutting 


  1. Agricultrual Greenhouse 

  2. Horticulture

  3. Car parking

  4. Baclony shade

  5. Poulry farming

【Shading 55-65%】Applicable: breeding fences, succulents, vegetables, orchards, green decorations are mostly.

[Shading 70-75%] Application: Greenhouse planting, aquaculture, seedling raising, ginger, medicinal materials, orchards, etc.

[Shading 80-85%] Application: edible fungus, shiitake mushrooms, livestock breeding, carports, outdoor roof workshops, etc.

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