ss 304 mosquito mesh

ss 304 mosquito mesh

ss 304 mosquito mesh

Wire diameter: 0.28mm

Clolour: stainless steel natural/black

Width: 0.6m-1.5m

Weave: 18x16/inch

packing: 5-storey corrugated boxes

Material: 304

Weight: 660g/


Find a balance between anti-mosquito and lighting and ventilation, and have both.

Protect children and the elderly from mistakenly opening, and prevent snakes, insects and rats

In addition to the invisible, ventilated and anti-mosquito properties of the product, the upgraded wire diameter and thickened stainless steel mesh can also prevent pets from scratching and protect children.


1. The flatness of the mesh surface is high,

The product is easy to process, not easy to damage, and has high toughness

2. Invisible light transmission, ventilation and ventilation, environmental protection

3. Prevent pets from scratching, protect children, and prevent mice from biting