Stainless steel bar grating supplier

The use of stainless steel grating is very extensive, especially in some occasions that require high strength, harsh environment, and acid and alkali corrosion resistance. It is easy to clean, anti-corrosion, etc., and can be installed in the workshop where chemical raw materials are produced. It is both beautiful and practical.

Stainless steel bar grating supplier

The classification of stainless steel gratings is mainly divided from the following points:

1) According to the welding method, it can be divided into:  welding and lock-pressure

2) According to the shape , it can be divided into: flat type, serrated type and "I" type, etc.

3) According to its purpose, it can be divided into: general purpose grid board and special purpose grid board such as: trench cover, step board and so on.

4) The grid plate is divided into: stainless steel grid plate and carbon steel grid plate.

Uses of stainless steel grating: widely used in petrochemical industry, electric power, tap water, sewage treatment, port terminal, building decoration, shipbuilding, self-parking lot, municipal engineering, sanitation engineering and other fields. Platforms, walkways, trestle bridges, trench covers,  Ladders, fences, etc.

Main features of stainless steel grating:

1: High strength, light structure

2: Strong anti-corrosion ability, durable

3: Beautiful appearance, shiny surface

4: No dirt, no rain or snow, no water, self-cleaning, easy to maintain

5: The stainless steel grille has the advantages of ventilation, lighting, heat dissipation, non-slip, and good explosion-proof performance

6: The stainless steel grating is easy to install and disassemble, etc.

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