Garden metal cages for stones

Gabion nets are mechanically woven from low-carbon steel wires with high corrosion resistance, high strength and ductility or PVC-coated steel wires. The box-shaped structure made by using this net is a stone cage net box.

Garden metal cages for stones

Material:Low carbon steel wire

Mesh size:60*80mm-180*200mm

Wire diameter:1.8mm-4.0mm

Surface treatment:Cold galvanized, hot-dip galvanized, and plastic coated

Gabion net can be used for side slope protection and protection, roadbed protection, mountain rock surface hanging net, railway highway isolation fence, it can also be made into box cage, used for anti-scouring protection of rivers, dykes and seawalls

Features of wire cages for stones

  • Green and environmental protection, good protection effect

  • Easy to transport

  • Easy to install:  strong resistance to natural damage, corrosion resistance and resistance to severe weather condition

  • Corrosion resistant, anti-aging, good ductility

  • Strong anti-scouring ability, good water permeability


  • Courtyard decoration

  • Landscape protection

  • Subgrade slope protection

  • Flood control

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